Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly – so dust off that dinner jacket and start planning your night of amour on the double! To aid you in your quest to woo your beau, we’ve put together a list of ideas below that is sure to have something for everyone.


1. Get handsy… with building your own charcuterie board

Lavigne & Co Charcuterie Board Workshops

Image courtesy of Charcuterie Board Workshop

Couples who woodwork together stay together… While that adage may not be as well known as some others 🙃, there’s something truly attractive about learning some basic woodworking skills all the while noshing on some delicious cheese and olives together. Click here for tickets – there’s also the option to attend a class on the 15th instead if the Friday works better for your schedule!


2. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh

Second City Valentine's Day Event Poster

Image courtesy of Second City

Need a quick-fire way to see whether your new bae is truly the one for you? Listen to this sage piece of advice from Maya Angelou. Check out this show about all the facets of romance – from Tinder dates to long lost lovers – and keep a close eye on your date just to make sure that they’re chuckling every now and then. 😬


3. Bounce your love to new heights

Image courtesy of Sky Zone Mississauga

Whether it’s to test out some new dance moves or engage in a *friendly* round of dodge ball, things are always more fun when there are trampolines involved. This is one of those things that’s more fun with more people, so team up with some friends and start a little friendly competition at the Sky Zone in Mississauga.


4. Take some cues from the experts

Kissing Prairie Dogs

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Delve into the mysteries of love at the Toronto Zoo, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from our animal neighbors to buff up your own relationship. If you think finding a lasting relationship on Tinder is hard, try being a flamingo😱


5. Swing-a-ding-ding baby!

Swing Dancing couple

Image courtesy of @askmetodance

Need some new moves this year? Try your hand (and feet) at swing dancing with live jazz music courtesy of The Sonny Balcones.


6. Cap off the night with something sweet

Demetres' Blush waffle & Toffeemate cake with ice cream

When you’re done trampolining, dancing, and whatever else, stop by any of our restaurants for the perfect finish to a great night out!

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