Twenty-nine years ago today, Demetres (née Demétre) was born from a great grandson’s love of ice cream, and his intention to honor a family legacy from 1907 North Carolina. Since then, we have opened up numerous locations across the GTA, all with the same focus on producing high quality house-made ice cream. We’ve gone through many iterations of our menu and our logo since then, and we’re still looking to up our game. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so today we’re taking a moment to celebrate!

Demetres' NY Cheesecake GIF

To join in the festivities, we invite you to poke around our blog, website & online shop to answer the following five questions. The first three people to correctly answer here will be awarded with a handy $50 gift card to have some cake on us! 🎂 Congrats to Asma, Katherine & Serena for their speedy typing skills!!


  1. What is one of the two winter feature flavours that we served up between December 2016 – February 2017?
  2. Which one of our desserts is named after a famous American jazz singer?
  3. What is one of our vegan sorbetto flavours currently on the menu?
  4. Which organisation did we partner with earlier this April for a fundraising event?
  5. Who designed our latest logo?

BONUS question: what’s your favourite shade of our beanies? (Answer for an extra gift along with the gift card 😉)


Good luck everyone! Make sure to check back here later this week for an answer key (yes, we’re in back-to-school mode) and check out our instagram (@demetres) for a daily serving of desserts. 🍨 🍰 🍪

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