We can’t wait for spring to arrive (the temperature as of late has us feeling the chill), so we brought it inside a little early with this handy little bud vase. Shaped like our favourite waffle cones, this vase is perfect for housing a few floral pals to remind you that spring is just on the horizon!

You will need:

Materials for making your own bud vase shaped like a small waffle cone

  • 1 pack of Air dry clay (about 1 kg) – found at any craft store, or Dollarama (you want the heavy, paper based stuff, not the foamy kind)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • A thick marker of some sort
  • An eraser
  • Varnish (not pictured)

*Note: this vase is not waterproof, so we recommend using it with silk flowers or flowers like billy buttons, that last fairly long without an abundance of water.


Step 1:

Hands wedging and shaping a lump of air dry clay

Open up your pack of clay and divide it into two equal portions – use more clay if you would like to create a bigger vase. Then roll one of the portions into a ball and start shaping it into a cone with your hands and table. If the clay starts drying too fast, just dab on a little water.


Step 2:

Hands forming a lip in a lump of air dry clay

Pinch around the pointy end of the cone so that you create a small hole in it, and smooth out the edges with your fingers.


Step 3:

Hand holding waffle cone vase in place and other hand sticking a sharpie into it

Insert a thick marker (we went with a sharpie) into this hole and wiggle it around to enlarge it. This is to create the small opening for the flowers to sit in later. Press down until just before you reach the bottom and reshape the cone if necessary.


Step 4:

Hands stamping shaped paper clay with square ended eraser

Leaving the marker inside, take the eraser and cut out a strip of it so that the ends are square. Then press one end of the strip into the wet clay and start stamping a cone pattern on it, working your way across horizontally. There may be a bit of overlap due to the shape of the cone, but that’s fairly realistic as far as waffle cones go!


Step 5:

Hands painting cone shaped clay vase with acrylic paints

Set the vase aside to dry for 48 hours on a non-stick surface, such as a cookie sheet or tin foil. Then you’re ready to start painting! To achieve the look from this tutorial, first paint the whole cone a muted medium brown. Then brush on a lighter layer of tan paint with a relatively dry brush that’s not loaded down with too much paint. You can leave the cone as is at this point, or add on decoration as you please – we decided to add some strawberry sauce and sprinkles onto our cone 🙂


Step 6:

A faux waffle cone bud vase made from paper clay and painted

For longevity, we recommend brushing on a couple layers of varnish once the paint is fully dry. This doesn’t allow the vase to be used with water (however minute!), but it does prevent paint from being scratched off easily.


Add some flowers and voila!

A waffle cone bud vase with carnations

Display this at home or gift it to someone to put a spring in their step 😉


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