Meet Michelle! (aka @chewables)

How did you first get into photography/instagram?

I started around the time Instagram was fairly unknown, at which point I kept it for personal use. I realized I spent too much time on the platform and had focus on school/work so I kept it inactive for a while. Once I had (nobody has free time nowadays but you just have to create it!) more free time, I wanted to use this as a creative outlet for myself and also share with everyone the good food I discover around the city!

Since I always enjoyed any sort of creative/design related projects, I always had an interest to learn more about photography, play with angles, lighting and composition. Essentially, I like to make things look nice! Since I loved taking pictures, it was only natural to share this on a platform that I’ve always been so familiar with!

Tell us a bit about your day-to-day life?

I am a daily bean counter, a part-time investment adviser, an occasional entrepreneur, a habitual investor and a full-time creative thinker. I truly believe that when you think outside the box, that’s when you come to the table with new ideas that may bring the most value added insight. How can we influence if we just keep doing the norm 🙂

What’s your favourite project/collaboration you’ve done to date?

Shh, just wait for it. It’s coming soon and it has nothing to do with food 🙂

What’s your favourite part about the social media community?

Engagement! I love meeting new people! Everyone comes from all different backgrounds and it’s an amazing experience to learn about everyone’s story, what they do for their daily hustle, where they like to travel, what their favorite netflix show is! Best part is, we are usually all getting together and learning about each other over some good food! Anybody care to join (I’ll bring the wine)!


Favourite coffee shop in the city?

In terms of coffee shops, I really enjoy Hailed Coffee for their very unique coffee blend, the minimalistic chairs and tables along with their insta-worthy flooring. I actually finished my latte and went back to order another one!


Can you walk us through your process of taking an Insta photo? (i.e. when a dish comes at a restaurant, what are your steps before you eat)

Firstly, before the food comes, make sure your friends know what kind of stunt you’re about to drag them into so they are mentally prepared for it! Just kidding! It really depends on the type of “food shot” you’re taking which will determine the angle that the photo should be taken from. For example. coffee art would call for ‘top-down’ shots because that’s virtually the only way to show the audience what kind of coffee you’re having. Once you’ve determined your angle, just find a good spot to place your coffee. Some people prefer very ‘busy’ shots so they might put said coffee together with some sandwiches and pastries (and make it look like an epic party is about to go down), while others may prefer cleaner shots with perhaps a white marble tabletop with a few pocket items casually displayed.


Since preferences are usually consistent, the user’s IG feed will typically follow a similar vibe/theme. For myself, since I change my mind every half-minute, I try to make sure that the content of my feed stays within a similar color-scheme and theme so that it looks clean from a quick glance. At the end of the day, what is the message you want to convey to the audience? Now all you have left to do, is to do it without words!

Top 3 favourite restaurants in Toronto?

I quite like ‘Saku Sushi’ located downtown Toronto. For the price, it’s great quality and taste amazing, while the larger sushi platters have presentations that are on point. ‘Inspire Restaurant’ located in Markham has amazing brunch/lunch options, my favorite being the chicken and waffles as well as the carbonara udon! Last but not least, pizza is something I can never say no to, and ‘Panago Pizza’ has the best varieties available! If I could afford a plane ticket every weekend, I’d fly over to NYC just to have ‘Shake Shack’ for lunch and ‘Halal Guys’ for dinner.

Be sure to check out Michelle’s Insta @chewables for all things food! 


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