Meet Meaghan! (aka @beautyyymark)

How did you first get into blogging?

After graduating high school, I played it safe by taking a more ‘sensible’ root and worked for my parents property management company.  I quickly grew into a comfortable routine, being too unsure of what would happen if I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Eventually, I realized I needed a creative outlet to cope with my 9-5 job.  That’s when I slowly fell into Instagram and eventually blogging.

Tell us a bit about your day-to-day life?

Once my Instagram account started growing, I had companies reaching out to me to collaborate.  I never thought my account would gain the recognition it has, as it was something I was doing on the side for fun. That’s when I decided to use it as a tool to network and work with companies, which has led to my current dream job.

A catering and event planning company hired me as an admin assistant because of my previous experience but when they saw my Instagram account and my keen eye for detail, I was moved up to marketing and sales.  Currently, when I’m not working on content and planning events, I’m creating photos for my Instagram account and eating my way through Toronto.

What’s your favourite part about the social media community?

Plain and simple, it’s the people I get to meet – especially fellow females who are just as driven and career oriented, each one bringing inspiration into my life with their unique empowering stories.

Tell us one thing about you that we might not know from your blog/social media?

Instagram is a hub for all your highlights but the biggest highlight of my life is always behind-the-scenes, my boyfriend, Dustin.  When we met, I was far from taking my Instagram account seriously but he gave me the nudge I needed to grow – not just online but in life.

My life likes to throw me curve balls and I take a pretty big hit from most of it – it’s something that people don’t get to see.  I’ve gotten scary good at making it look picture perfect.  So to have someone like Dustin in my life is a blessing, he gets to see the big picture and makes the choice to be there for me through it all.  It’s been over 3-years and I look back to see how far we’ve come and I think damn, I’m a lucky girl.

Give us your top 3 go-to restaurants?

Lavelle – Their eggs benny should be savoured slowly with large amounts of hollandaise.

Pai Toronto – No need to pack your bags to Thailand when it’s in the heart of Toronto.

Toris Bakeshop – My sister is vegan and it’s become a new go-to place for girl talk over lavender lattes.

What would be your last meal?

Sushi, with a side of sushi

Can you walk us through your process of taking an Insta photo? (i.e. when a dish comes at a restaurant, what are your steps before you eat)

I’m constantly trying to perfect the process. When I take photos at home, it’s a mix of planning ahead and experimenting the day of.  If I’m cooking, I play with my food (literally).  I carefully place everything, aiming for a colourful, intricate dish with an organic feel to it.

When I’m at a restaurant, I always ask for a table with natural lighting – lighting is key! Then after ordering (making sure to ask for everything at once), I prep the table, moving cutlery and other items around, so when the food comes there’s less waiting to eat.  Afterwards, when the food arrives, I place the dishes down to my liking and take photos from all angles (I have no shame and have no problem standing on my chair to get the perfect shot). Also, I like to make sure the photo looks full – ordering sides and bringing other little trinkets with you are great ways to fill up the photo.

3 things you can’t leave the house without?

iPhone – Never know when the next big Insta-worthy moment is going to happen.

Charger – It is heartbreaking when you hit that 1% and there’s no charger insight.

My Purse – Is that cheating? It pretty much has my entire bedroom in it.

Favourite coffee shop in the city?

I love anyplace that can make a good London Fog, so for the moment I’d say Sorry Coffee Co. – it’s not hard on the eyes either.

Be sure to check out Meaghan’s Insta @beautyyymark for an aesthetic food adventure of your dreams!

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