A quintessential part of summer in Toronto (aside from the occasional downpour and heat warnings) is the profusion of outdoor music events across the city. Tomorrow night we’ll be hosting Lilly Mason as part of the Sounds of Summer music series in our Downtown Markham restaurant. She’ll be performing her soulful songs from 8 pm – 11 pm on our patio for anyone seeking a little sweet respite. 🍨 🎶 Read on to learn more about Lilly and to listen to some of her original music!


Lilly Mason performing

Lilly jamming on The Redpath Waterfront Festival stage.

Hailing from Vancouver, Lilly’s love of music started at a young age. She’s no stranger to Toronto though – having attended school here while growing up, she has now made the 6ix her home base and has built solid ties within the music community. When she’s not busy working on her upcoming album, performing, or mentoring the next generation of musicians, Lilly likes to enjoy musical performances at The Cameron House and other venues across the city.


When asked about where she draws inspiration for her own songs, Lilly says, “the inspiration behind my music has to do with the state of the world, approaching some of the hard aspects of life with positivity, hopefulness and unity… and a sense of spirituality.”


Having released her solo debut EP “Follow the Sound” in 2013, Lilly is now working on her next album which will take on a more electronic and ambient sound. For a sneak peek at what may be in store, check out her 2015 track “World on Fire“, where you will hear both Lilly’s vocal talent as well as her own instrumental & electronic additions in the background.


Of course we had to ask Lilly what her favourite ice cream flavour is, and she said without hesitation, “Mango and coconut! I tend to go for the more fruity flavours.” That’s music to our ears because we offer both as vegan sorbettos😋


Make sure to come by and check out Lilly’s vocal talents tomorrow at Demetres Downtown Markham, and while you’re at it, swing by some of our neighbors who are also hosting their own music acts as part of the Sounds of Summer. And in case you’re lacking some Vitamin D (as in Dessert) in your daily instagram diet, address that deficiency by following us here.

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