It’s a new school year friends, and with a few easy-to-find supplies, you can have a new lunch bag to bring with you. Gone are the days of toting around a lonesome tupperware container in a plastic bag – dazzle your classmates instead with this whimsical sac next time you pay a visit to the cafeteria.


You will need:

Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial

  • A plain canvas lunch bag – grab one here
  • Acrylic paint or fabric paint in a colour of your choice
  • Fabric painting medium – you don’t need this if you’re using fabric paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Rubber erasers
  • Exacto blade
  • Natural beeswax
  • Hairdryer


Step 1:

Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial step 1

Cut out half circles & scallop shapes out of your rubber erasers with an exacto blade. You don’t need to make a clean cut in the first go – clean up the edges afterwards with your blade if necessary.


Step 2:

Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial step 2

Insert a piece of cardboard or a couple sheets of cardstock into the bag – this will prevent any paint from seeping through to the other side. Mix together the acrylic paint and fabric painting medium (or just use fabric paint if you have it!) and paint three lines across the bottom half of the bag. Don’t worry about how messy the lines are right now – they’ll be mostly covered by the next step.


Step 3:

Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial step 3

Using the stamps that you cut out of erasers in step 1, carefully stamp a pattern across the bag, using the lines you painted as a guide. Make sure to do this on both sides of the bag. 😉


Step 4:

Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial step 4

When the paint is fully dry, warm up the block of beeswax with a hairdryer and carefully rub it into the canvas fabric inside and out. This step is optional – we’re doing it as a way to add some natural water repellence to the bag. That way, if your lunch leaks a little, this lunch bag will help minimize the potential damage to the rest of your backpack’s contents.👌


And there you have it!

Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial Finished Product

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, try cutting out other stamp shapes from the erasers and adding some pizazz to other plain jane bags. We tried it on a cotton muslin bag, which will now be used to tote some much needed fresh fruit. 🍎🍌


Demetres' Printed Reusable Lunchbag Tutorial Finished Product

Enjoy showing off your new lunch bag around the cafeteria, and remember to check back here for more DIYs, recipes and behind-the-scenes peeks at what’s brewing at Demetres HQ. Of course, if you get bored of staring at the same old lunch day-in and day-out, check us out on Instagram (@demetres) and Facebook, where we get up close and personal with some decadent desserts on the daily.

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