Many things are on our minds here at Demetres HQ as we near the end of May. Things like whether socks and sandals are still a no-go, if the weather will be more extreme this summer compared to 2017, or whether y’all will like our new summer sorbettos (we’re definitely hoping for yes on this one).

While we were playing around with ideas for our new summer menu, one consistent theme popped up: vegan ice cream. It’s something that we have received numerous requests for, and while we do currently offer two vegan flavours – Coconut & Mango – we wanted to expand our selection with two new summer sorbettos.


Meet the Double Truffle Sorbetto

Demetres Double truffle Sorbetto & Ingredients for Summer 2018

First up we have this rich chocolatey treat that is not unlike a truffle. It’s smooth & creamy, perfect for lobbing onto a piping hot waffle or crepe 😉

Demetres Double truffle Sorbetto & Ingredients for Summer 2018

According to Chef Amy, the rich and dense texture is achieved in part due to the higher fat content contained in cocoa, as opposed to fruits, which feature more broadly in sorbettos today. It is also laced with ribbons of dark chocolate stracciatella, which gives it a wee crunch every few bites.


Next up is our Pineapple Sorbetto

Demetres' Pineapple Sorbetto

Inspired by a recent trip to Ice Cream School (yes, this exists) and a pineapple jalapeño ice cream she whipped up there, Chef Amy had her heart set on this flavour from the get-go. While we didn’t add in those piquant peppers this time around, this sorbetto delivers a punch all on its own. It’s sweet, tart, and refreshing as heck – perfect for those dog days of summer.


When will you get to enjoy these two new flavours?

June 1st ladies and gents!

Demetres' Pineapple Sorbetto

Make sure to check back here this Friday to see how we plate up these sorbettos in our signature desserts, and follow us on Instagram (@demetres) for your daily dose of dessert action.

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