This has been a big year for us with some major additions to our Demetres family, so we wanted to take a moment today and introduce a few more of our team members who have contributed to our little dessert corner here in the GTA. In this edition of the People of Demetres we’re sitting down with Jenny, George & Kevin. Keep reading to find out who spends their downtime at IKEA, who thought Moana was a good movie, and which two are looking to fly to Japan for some R&R.


Say hi to Jenny

Always ready with a witty quip, Jenny’s got a big heart and a bigger personality. Looking to pursue teacher’s college soon with a little detour in Italy (ok, big detour), she helps us to keep things moving at our Whitby cafe as one of our lovely supervisors.

People of Demetres Jenny

Hi Jenny, what do you get up to these days when you’re not working?

I’m finishing up school and I am going to be graduating in December, so I’m really just focusing on school and I’m also working on my applications for teacher’s college. 


What made you want to get into teaching?

I’ve been working with the City of Toronto’s summer camps since I was sixteen, so a while a now… and I just love working with kids and I think the best thing is that you’re able to teach them something, and you get to develop who they become. I just think that’s a really beautiful thing. I love being a helping hand and a hearing ear for kids that need to talk about things.


People of Demetres Jenny

Have you had a teacher who has left an impression or made a big difference in your life?

Yes. So it was in grades five, six, and seven, and I had one teacher – the same teacher, Mr. Demario, and he really encouraged me to do dramatic arts. I was really shy, and I guess he saw potential in me, and so because of him I started developing a love for this art, and I actually auditioned for Cardinal Carter which is an arts high school. It’s just nice when people care and want to see you do great.



People of Demetres Jenny

What do you do when you’re looking to relax during your down time?

Since I go to school at UofT, on my days off I avoid going downtown just because I’m so sick of it. So honestly anything that’s North York and above. My sister and I just like to go to Vaughan Mills or IKEA – especially IKEA – where we like to pretend what we could do if we had the money. I have a nephew and niece, so I spend a lot of time with them. If it’s a school night, we’ll typically just do something at home – an art project or something to keep them entertained, and recently we took them to Wonderland’s Camp Spooky.


People of Demetres Jenny

What are your top three travel destinations if money is no object?

I don’t know if this counts but I’m going to Italy in February for three months for a teaching experience. I basically get to live with a family and tutor their children in English. They all have a basic knowledge of English, so I’m there as someone there for them to speak with. Accommodations and food are provided, so you’re basically joining the family for a few months. After going to Italy I’m hoping to do a little bit of England and France – I just really want to explore Europe.

For more of Jenny, check out her instagram @jennysvelz


Meet George

A self-professed coffee devotee, George is always on the go. Wether it’s checking out the newest coffee shops in the city, hitting the gym or keeping tabs on our newest restaurant at Shops At Don Mills, this is one manager who’s all about that hustle.

People of Demetres George

Hi George, what do you get up to when you’re not working?

When I’m not at work it’s usually just me hanging out with my friends. We’ll play hockey, we’ll play football, or just watch sports. If it’s not that then I’m at the gym.


Any particular sport teams you’re paying close attention to right now?

I’m just there for the experience – I don’t really care about sports that much. I know it sounds weird but I just like hanging out with my friends, having a good time, laughing and de-stressing from things and coming back to reality a little bit. At the end of the day, good company is all that matters.


People of Demetres George

What is the weirdest or most unique ice cream flavour that you’ve tried?

I tried this black olive and goat cheese flavour in Los Angeles, and it was really weird but ended up being the best flavour I’ve ever had of ice cream. I thought it wouldn’t work on paper, but the sweet and salty kind of worked so that’s why I really liked it.


People of Demetres George

If you were to pick your top 3 places to fly to for a vacation right now, where would you go?

Egypt’s always been on my list. I’ve always loved their ancient history. It’s always been an interest to me as a kid, I just grew up fascinated with it. Japan’s always been on my list as well – it just seems so cool, fun and different. The third one would probably be Italy again – I’ve been to Italy but I just love it there – the culture, the food – it’s just fun.


People of Demetres George

Where do you like to go around Toronto when you’re looking to relax?

If it’s not at one of our buddies’ houses, we’ll probably grab sushi and we’ll just gorge ourselves on all you can eat sushi. Or something like COPA for all you can eat steak – it’s excessive but it’s delicious. I also just bought tickets to the UFC fight that’s coming to Toronto, I’m very excited about that. 

For more of George, check out his instagram @gtheodore24


Last but certainly not least, here’s Kevin!

With a love of karaoke and a weakness for bubble tea, Kevin (more affectionately known as Kevo to his team) has big dreams for starting his own business one day. Looking forward to finishing his business management degree soon, Kevin’s professionalism and chill attitude mix perfectly for supervising our Downtown Markham location.

People of Demetres Kevin Vo

Hi Kevin, what do you get up to outside of the restaurant?

I’m either hanging with friends or babysitting my little siblings. My little brother is nine, and my little sister is turning eleven this Halloween. I’ll take them shopping, bring them to the movies, sometimes Chuck E Cheese’s. I’m also in business management right now, at Seneca, but then the whole strike happened so I took some time off and I’m going back in January.


What’s one of the best kid’s movies that you’ve seen recently?

I watched Moana – that was pretty good.


People of Demetres Kevin Vo

What’s the one thing you really want to accomplish in life?

I want to start my own company, and make six figures by thirty. Is this realistic? [Jenny is laughing in the background.]


What would your business be about?

My friends and I were talking about how we always go out for bubble tea and that we always go out for burgers, so why not just put them together and open up our own burgers and bubble tea restaurant?


People of Demetres Kevin Vo

If you could sit down with anyone to chat with and pick their brain, who would it be?

I would say my uncle, because he passed when I was about six or seven. He’s my mom’s brother, and I want to get to know him a bit better. He was very mysterious – we didn’t know much about him. I want to know how it was for him growing up, how was his childhood, and how it was growing up with my mom. They came here when they were in middle school. My mom was telling me about the boat ride they took when they were coming here – she has nightmares about it still.


People of Demetres Kevin Vo

What are your favourite haunts in and around Toronto?

Obviously Chatime is one of them. The fact that it just opened up at Yorkdale, oh my god, I have gone there five times already and they opened up this month. I’m not joking. My friends and I do karaoke a lot at Bar Plus at Yonge and Dundas, and I also play a lot of basketball. 

I recently just found this place called Maker Pizza near Queen and Spadina, it’s so good. I bought a pizza without any meat – usually I eat pizzas with meat – and it was the best pizza I’ve ever had. There were three types of cheese, caramelized onion, and there was even honey on it. It was so good.

For more of Kevin, check out his instagram @thatskevo


People of Demetres Jenny, Kevin and George

People of Demetres Jenny, Kevin and George

Thank you to George, Kevin & Jenny for chatting with us! We hope that you enjoyed this edition of People of Demetres, and check back here next week for some Halloween goodness. As always, we keep our Instagram (@demetres) & Facebook topped up with decadent desserts all week long, so follow along if you’re ever in need of some sweet content for your feed. 😋

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