Demetres' Blush crepe with ice cream and fresh strawberries
Overview pattern of Demetres Supply knit beanies in a variety of colours
Two plated crepes with ice cream, a waffle with sauce and fruit, and slices of red velvet cheesecake on a white and blue background
Five slices of chocolate raspberry tart on a marble slab against a blue background
Front shot of vegan strawberry waffle on a white plate with a blue background
Painted cement letters spelling out various words like 'love', 'candy', etc.
A shot by a Demetres' customer picked for January Insta Favs 2018
Finished lychee rosewater sparklers with strawberry garnish
Front on shot of mini baked alaskas
Close up shot of Demetres' Sweetcar Named Devour waffle with chocolate ice cream and sliced strawberries
Two people standing in front of pink sequin backdrop
three glasses of hot chocolate with cookie rim and toasted marshmallows
Two small gingerbread cookies made from polymer clay
Demetres' 2017 Winter Menu Cover Crop
Closeup shot of a crepe with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce
Two hands tying knot in gold cording for hanging a canvas wall banner
dusting of sugar on an emperor’s pancake topped with cranberry compote, walnuts and maple syrup
Tongue Depressor Crepe with napkin, spoon, and black and white logo
Two super fig smoothies on a wood table with ingredients
Waffle with ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream
vegan black sesame and orange zest ice cream scoops in a glass with pan of ice cream in background
cake with Halloween cake toppers on top
hanging Halloween DIY ghost pinata with bowls of candy and white pumpkins
slice of chocolate fudge cake with teapot and enamel mugs with crimson berry tea
Cider float mugs with whipped cream,caramel sauce and cinnamon
Unbrulevable from Demetres fall 2017 menu featuring a scoop of ice cream and bruleed bananas on a waffle
butternut squash rings filled with cheesecake and topped with cranberries,pumpkins seeds and whipped cream
Demetres HQ team
Watercolor painted paper feather garland for an ice cream party
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, perfect for a decadent finish to a fall-themed meal
Recipe for Vietnamese Coffee Affogato, topped with chocolate shavings
Demetres' 2017 Fall Menu Art
We love this shot of our waffles from @itsnkenge
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