At Demetres, we see a lot of guests come through our restaurant doors. Guests come for a multitude of reasons: to celebrate birthdays, to go on dates, and sometimes just because they want to indulge in some decadent desserts. Whatever it is, there’s always one thing in common: conversation, and lots of it. Some are serious, some are light-hearted, and some are just downright funny, like the exchange below:

Flatlay of ice cream cones and toppings with funny exchange written in text in the middle

Well we want to amplify these funny moments, and (hopefully) bring a chuckle to your day. 😁

So if you ever hear a funny exchange at Caffe Demetre (or maybe you’re the one having it!), make sure to send it in to us so we can share it with the Demetres community. You can DM it to us on Instagram, message us on Twitter or sling it our way through Facebook. Each entry will earn you a shot in winning our monthly gift card, awarded to the funniest overheard convo submitted!

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