It’s March break for some lucky ducks this week, and there’s no better way to celebrate a whole week dedicated to unwinding and relaxing than hosting your very own ice cream tasting party. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a soirée celebrating the best dessert (in our humble opinion).

Here’s a quick run down of how to host your own:

Demetres' March Break Ice Cream Party ideas

Start with the ice cream – you’ll want to have a variety of flavours on hand for you and your pals. Think of this as an opportunity to test all the flavours that you would never order normally. Side note: all of our ice cream flavours can be ordered and taken home from any of our locations.


Line up of decorated ice cream cones in a wooden cone holder

Then you’ll need to procure some cones to serve all that ice cream with. Technically you can eat ice cream out of anything… but why stick to a boring bowl when you can get some crispy sugar cones? Another option would be to get a spread of varying cookies for some serious ice cream sandwich making.


Hand holding a sugar cone with chocolate ice cream in a line up of varying Demetres' ice cream flavours

If ya want to get fancy like us, then download and print this file to deck your cones out in some colourful strawberry and banana cone wrappers.


Line up of varying Demetres' ice cream flavours with toppings

One crucial ingredient to a successful ice cream party is the plethora of toppings that your guests get to decorate their ice cream with. Think nuts, fresh fruit, brownie chunks, cookie bits, and luscious sauces. Sprinkles may also figure in there somewhere 😉


Close up of line up of varying Demetres' ice cream flavours with toppings

For easy ice cream cone prepping, we recommend using a cone holder. You can find them at kitchen supply shops, but if you’re feeling crafty, we’ve got a DIY tutorial coming up where we’ll demonstrate how to make your own out of a few sheets of wood.


Demetres' March Break Ice Cream Party featuring ice cream cones, toppings and custom decor

And finally, give your party a festive feel with some custom letter wall banners. We made these with some string, tape, and a pack of gold glitter letter stickers from Michael’s.


Two hands cheering with custom ice cream creations


Make sure to show us your ice cream party on Instagram by tagging us @demetres, and tune in later this week for more ice cream goodness.

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