Illustrators Kiril Climson and Clemens Reischl demonstrate digital acuity and a keen eye for detail through their use of 3D art. Demetres’ customers are sure to experience an adventure wonderland with our Summer 2019 menu. These intricate illustrations encapsulate the true essence of summer! Toronto artist Kiril Climson, collaborates with Clemens Reischl, working all the way from Germany- joining us via FaceTime. We sat down with these talented artists to find out more about their work and overall journey. Read on!

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019Kiril and Clemens, tell us a bit about yourselves! What motivated you to become digital artists?

Kiril:  I ventured into digital design because way back when in high school I used to make money making these very interesting sport logos. So I got involved with branding, creating social media art and so on. After that, I started a design studio called LogoCore where I still create logos and help companies across Toronto polish up their brand design identity work. Throughout that, 3D art has always been very interesting to me since you don’t have to be able to draw in a very traditional sense in the way of classical painting or say, perspective painting. As long as you have a sense of what looks good, and perfect the aesthetic portion of it – the rest of it is just hard work and hundreds of hours trying to piece it together!

Clemens: For me it was more the fact of turning my hobby into my job. I just had to think about what I wanted to do with my life and I decided to take the root of digital art by playing around with different programs and such. All in all, the most positive thing about this whole experience is that not a lot of people can say that they love what they do for a living, and to be able to do it everyday is amazing.

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

How do you two know each other? How did you come across each other’s work?

Clemens: I think we met seven or eight years ago, I believe we were both on graphic design teams on Youtube and I stumbled across one of Kiril’s speed art videos: Isometric World. That was a key video for me because that’s where I really wanted to get into 3D art and get to know Kiril. Somehow I got his Skype contact and we just kind of started talking to each other gradually, sharing our knowledge and now we’re here!

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

What was your inspiration behind this art?

Clemens: We really had a good client reach which gave us insight, and with the key words like: whimsical and magical, we got a general idea of our theme. We tried a lot of things out which didn’t work quite well so we chose a more cubical, 3D theme and this became the final product. Though it presents itself as a still image, we wanted to achieve the idea that there is a lot of life within.

Kiril: We also went through a lot of compositions, we eliminated a lot of designs which lead us to this last product. What we primarily aimed for is when you look at the final piece it should look like it’s in motion, not a static object. When you look at it you can see that the cherry is in motion down a chocolate slide, the strawberry is sipping on a bananaconda sea or the pipes are dripping chocolate sauce. So there is this whole aspect of an adventure wonderland, which provides more than just still images but things in motion.

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

What artist would you like to be compared to, if any?

Kiril: There is a very great artist called Ash Thorp who does a lot of very great podcasts with other talented artists. Essentially, he gives his audience insight by talking with other artist about their own journey. So when you start a journey of your own it’s very humbling to see this magical process through, it just takes hundreds of hours to get to the point where you can make a cool looking piece and feel proud of it.

Clemens: For me it’s Kiril, seeing his asymmetric art on YouTube from back in the days is what made me develop my art and explore 3D art.Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

What’s your favourite tool / program to use?

Kiril: We use a program called Cinema 4D which is a very simple program where you use a lot of primitive shapes; from these shapes you can develop this complex menu art. This program was used for the title sequence for the Avengers film, or a lot of movies you might watch. All the primitive and simple functions of Cinema 4D allow you to create these complex effects.

Clemens: We came across this program because it has a really good community. There are so many tutorials online that it becomes so intriguing to learn.

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

What was your first project together?

Kiril: It was a test film for Disney’s cartoon: Gravity Falls. In the show there is a very interesting architectural point where the whole family is surrounded by a cabin in the woods. Clemens did a beautiful model of just the cabin and then I thought to create this very interesting film. Clemens provided the main asset to it which was the cabin and from there we were able to add on the trees, vehicles, sound design and so on.

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

How was your overall experience with collaborative work?

Kiril: Overall, it was an amazing experience. Throughout the years if I ever had an unfinished project I would always ask Clemens for some constructive advice. Clemens is much better at modelling art than I am. So in a way it’s cool to know someone across the world (Germany – *gasp*) to compile your works and get the best aspects of each other’s work. It’s also cool because when I sleep, Clemens goes to work due to the time difference. So we were always sort of being efficient in that sense.

Clemens: It was great, time zones are a bit difficult from time to time but I think we got the hang of it. I also feel like we compliment each other, in our strengths and weaknesses; overall, we were able to make a great piece of work.

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

Here’s our 2019 Summer Menu cover:

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

& the Bill Cards:

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

See more of Kiril & Clemens’ work here:

Kiril Climson & Clemens Reischl Summer Menu 2019

Kiril’s Instagram
Clemens’ Instagram
Gravity Falls (Short Film)

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