The GTA has been our home since 1989, and we are pretty chuffed with all the sweet moments that have taken place within our restaurants over the years. Some of our guests have been with us for well over a decade 💖, and in recognition of that trust and patronage, we decided to launch Demetres Supply.

This collection is for our ride-or-die supporters. Or, you know, anyone who can appreciate a soft cotton blend sweatshirt and a cute knit beanie. You can see some of our goods below, and make sure to head over to our Cherry Market to see the rest!

3 Demetres Artisans wearing Demetres Supply sweatershirts

Demetres Artisan Fay sporting a black cotton blend Demetres Supply sweatshirt

Demetres Artisan Richard wearing a black Demetres Supply sweatshirt and knit beanie in Blueberry.

Demetres Artisan Kevin wearing a black Demetres Supply sweatshirt with a knit beanie in Mint.

Demetres Artisan Beste wearing a Demetres Supply knit beanie in London Fog.

A pink knit beanie from Demetres Supply with a leather patch.

Demetres Artisan Fay wearing a Demetres Supply black sweatshirt and knit beanie in Strawberry.

Demetres Artisan Richard wearing a black Demetres Supply sweatshirt while enjoying some Roche ice cream

Demetres Artisan team sporting Demetres Supply knit beanies in a variety of colours

A big thank you to our lovely Artisans Beste, Richard, Fay & Kevin for modelling!


If you’re interested in grabbing your own Demetres gear, make sure to head on over this way 🙂. We’re also running a wee giveaway over on Instagram (@demetres) where you can enter to win your own sweatshirt + beanie set. The giveaway ends March 2nd, 2018 at 4 pm EST so hurry on over pronto!

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