Meet our new beau: Brewed Awakening!

The Cone-trolla was such a big hit, we wanted to give you guys another treat just in time for summer. We know iced coffees are a big summer hit, but how about an iced coffee milkshake? And so, in collaboration with Peace Treats, Brewed Awakening was born and the best way we can describe it to you is the iced coffee of your dreams on steroids. YUP. It’s possible.

Chef Amy whipped up this combination starting with a Vietnamese Coffee ice-cream base, and then building with elements of hazelnut, crunch and Nutella. A winning combo if you ask us!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is slightly stronger than a regular coffee or espresso that you may have had before. But it’s also sweetened with condensed milk, so the balance between the two make it a refreshing, coffee jolting sugar paradise.

You can grab our newest milkshake all summer long at Peace Treats’ flagship store at 131 Ossington Ave. in Toronto, or at their newest pop-up location at the CONCEPT space in Yorkdale mall.



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