Ingredient: Heavy cream

Demetres' Folded Sesame Pancake Final Product

Folded Peanut Pancake

In search of some warmth and comfort in these frigid temps, we whipped up a plateful of apam balik here at Demetres HQ. Soft and airy, these folded pancakes ori...
Demetres' Ginger Hot Chocolate Recipe

Ginger French Hot Chocolate

Who can say no to a nice warm mug of hot chocolate this time of year? Certainly not us - and especially if said hot chocolate has a little added heat to warm yo...
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, perfect for a decadent finish to a fall-themed meal

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

When asked to conjure up decadent desserts, no one thinks of plain ol' sweet potatoes, but we wanted to give these taters a shot. Using them as a base, we put a...
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