Ingredient: Coconut milk

Demetres' Pineapple Cookie Recipe Finished Product

Pineapple Cookies

One of the many summer highlights here in Toronto is the profusion of tropical fruits inhabiting market stalls across the city. We decided to pay tribute to a p...
Five slices of chocolate raspberry tart on a marble slab against a blue background

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

While the origins of Valentine's Day are still a bit muddled, we have markedly moved away from how it was once celebrated by the ancient Romans. Gone are the da...
Front shot of vegan strawberry waffle on a white plate with a blue background

Vegan Strawberry Waffles

With Valentine's Day a few days away, there's still some time to figure out what you can do on this (cue Dracula's accent) day of romance to wow your sweetheart...
Two super fig smoothies on a wood table with ingredients

Super Fig Smoothie

With flu season upon us, it's time to keep our bodies in fighting shape. While getting a flu shot is perhaps the most effective way to avoid the fever, phlegm a...
vegan black sesame and orange zest ice cream scoops in a glass with pan of ice cream in background

Vegan Halloween Ice Cream

Not everything about Halloween has to be bone-chillingly scary or a giant candy bonanza. Par example, you can serve this black sesame ice cream at your Hallowee...
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