Ingredient: butter

Demetres' Avocado Chocolate Tart Recipe

Raspberry Rose Crumble Ice Cream

Spring has sprung and we're jumping right into it with this Raspberry and Rose Crumble Ice-cream. Check out the recipe below!   You will need: ...
Demetres' Avocado Chocolate Tart Recipe

Cookie Dough Stuffed Chocolate Avocado Tart

Still feeling the effects of indulging over the holiday season? Us too. But that's no reason to eschew dessert this month, especially when faced with this delic...
Demetres' Folded Sesame Pancake Final Product

Folded Peanut Pancake

In search of some warmth and comfort in these frigid temps, we whipped up a plateful of apam balik here at Demetres HQ. Soft and airy, these folded pancakes ori...
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