*cue Drake’s voice* Passionate for miles awayyyy….

PASSIONFRUIT is here. And we’re not just talking about Drake’s sweet voice. We’re talking about our newest ice-cream flavour on Caffe Demetres’ Summer 2017 menu. (Oh, and did we mention it’s vegan too!) Although Drake’s voice made this fruit a little more well-known, we’re sure there are many of you still wondering what exactly passionfruit is. Well, we’re here to fill that void with our latest flavour profile feature.

Passionfruit, also known sometimes as Grenadilla or Sweet Calabash, is native South America, specifically in the regions of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. It’s commonly found in two colours, purple, and yellow, although the origins of the yellow coloured one are not exactly known.


The outside of the passionfruit has a hard rind (don’t eat that!). When you cut it open in half, that’s where you’ll find the good stuff aka all the flavour! Inside the passionfruit is an orange-y pulpy juice with a pretty gooey, stringy texture. But within that texture, you’ll also find small dark brown seeds (in fact, up to 250 seeds can be inside one passionfruit… crazy!!) You can eat these seeds, don’t worry.

The actual taste of passionfruit can be described as tangy, tart, sweet, and almost like guava. The passionfruit can be found being grown on vines in tropical climates, and the fruit itself ripens about 70 to 80 days after pollination.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, tangy, summer treat that will take your tastebuds on a rollercoaster, look no further. Our passionfruit sorbetto is available in all our locations all summer long.

You can try it on it’s own, or even better, in our one-scoop Sundae, Tropic like it’s hot,  and refreshing (vegan!) milkshake, Vitamin Sea.



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