Elder who? That’s what you might be asking after you read the title of this blog post. But don’t stress, we’re here to give you a little background on Elderflower, one of the newest flavour profiles on Caffe Demetres’ menu.
Elderflower comes from the Elder tree – a bushy tree that is commonly seen all over the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Ancient history (or at least Google) shows that the Eldertree was sacred to an ancient vegetation goddess by the name of Hylde Moer (and yes you read correctly, a vegetation goddess). Now because Hylde Moer was the vegetation goddess, it became a superstition that if you cut down an elder tree, the goddess would seek revenge against you.

An Elder tree in it’s natural habitat

Photo courtesy of Google


Scary stuff, we know. Fast forward through all the deep-rooted history to some easier facts about the tree: it has 3 parts, the leaves, berries and flowers.

What we’re going to focus on today are the flowers. Because those are what are used most commonly to turn the Elder tree into a cordial or syrup for sweetening or flavouring in common drinks known as “Elderflower” (Pretty creative name!)

Plus, because the Elder tree has many medicinal benefits, including being a large source of nutriments, vitamins, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, drinking elderflower flavoured drinks actually still proves to be valuable to your body (even if there is a little sugar added in).

This season, we incorporated Elderflower into a lemonade for a refreshing drink known as “Respect your Elderflowers”

It’s a cherry lemonade with a new twist – Elderflower cordial

You can sip on this Spring refresher at any one of our 12 locations (plus, remember, health benefits!)

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