Nothing screams heaven like a freshly spun crêpe. Here at Caffe Demetre, after 27 years of spinning them, we figured it’s time to give you some insight on the ultra thin, perfectly crisp and soft, delicacy we call crêpes.

When we hear the word crêpe we often associate it to be from the French language, which, yes, it is. But the history of the word crêpe is actually derived from the Latin crispus meaning “curled” (after all, is a word really a word if it has no latin origin/history lesson).  These thin pancakes originated in the Northwest region of France and eventually spread themselves across Europe and the rest of world.


Originally, Crêpes were only made with buckwheat flour. But in the 20th century, someone decided that they were a little sick of this “healthier version,” and so the white flour crêpe was born! In reality, the cost of  white flour had become so inexpensive, that people decided to use it as an alternative to buckwheat. The result was a softer version of the original crêpe, which is what you enjoy at Demetres and various dessert places around the world.

Our crêpes are the perfect mixture of flour, eggs, milk, butter, oil, sugar & vanilla (you know, that good good.)

They’re spun to perfection, and served to you in many of our most popular desserts, including Interstella, The Last Straw, and The Art of the Peel. 


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