We are in L-U-V with the coco this summer, especially because it’s one of the ingredients in our new (vegan!!) ice-cream. Typically associated with the islands/Caribbean, this tropical fruit is found in so many foods, desserts, sauces… you name it! We’re going to dive a little deeper into the history of the coconut to really understand this drupe (don’t worry, we’ll explain this word in the next paragraph.)

Drupe? Yes, drupe. A drupe is a fancy word meaning a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed (for example, a plum, cherry, and almond, are all a drupe). But even though a drupe is defined as a “fruit”, the internet still shows us that coconut can be considered all three: a fruit, a nut and a seed. So looks like there is no real consensus on this one! What we do know is that it’s a species of palm tree, called Cocos Nucifera.

The origins of coconut is debatable, ranging from places such as South Asia, Northwestern South America, India and New Zealand. However, it has spread across the topical islands and typically thrives in sandy soil regions.

Back in the day, coconut was considered a survival fruit because of how versatile it was. The inside of the coconut contains water, that could be used to stay hydrated; the meat inside could be eaten, used to cook with, or even make coconut milk out of; and the outer shell/meat areas could be used for coconut oil, decoration, etc

Pretty much, what we’re saying is that coconut is like a superfood to us because of how versatile it is. Plus, it tastes amazing. So why not turn it into an ice-cream flavour? Well, that’s exactly what we did, and to keep it as coconut-y as possible, we used coconut milk and are also proud to let you know that we also made it vegan.

You can try our new vegan coconut ice-cream in many of our featured summer desserts, such as our Beaches and Cream sundae, Miami Slice (which features our new chocolate coconut cake), our Dessert Island crepe/waffle, or in our Vitamin Sea Smoothie (so many options!!)



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