Ice cream sandwiches, is there anything easier to eat?

Well, yes, but it probably doesn’t contain a good wallop of delicious ice cream. When it comes to litter-less ways of holding this frozen treat, the humble ice cream sandwich is often overshadowed by the ever popular ice cream cone. But when you really think about it, ice cream cones are so limiting – you’ve got your waffle cones, sugar cones, and finally the sad dry wafer cone.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of things (mostly baked goods if we’re being honest) that you can make an ice cream sandwich out of. This means a variety of textures, and more importantly, flavours that can be added to elevate your otherwise ordinary ice cream experience. We went through a little testing and want to share with you four ways to jazz up your own ice cream sandwich.

Here’s what you’ll need:ingredients for ice cream sandwiches, brownies, cake, cookies, chocolate and strawberry sauce, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, pralines, graham wafers and chocolate nibs

  • Cookies, crackers, cake, etc. – something to hold that ice cream
  • Ice cream of your choice
  • Sauces for dipping – we used a strawberry coulis and melted some semi-sweet chocolate
  • Toppings – we had crushed nuts and chocolate chips


1. A Cake Walk

slices of cake in loaf pan with vanilla ice cream pint and ice cream scoop

For our first version, we used some chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. After lining a loaf pan with plastic wrap, we cut up a sheet of 1 inch thick chocolate cake so that four pieces fit length-wise into the loaf pan. We also sliced them in half thickness-wise, to create the two sides of the sandwich.

slices of cake in loaf pan with vanilla ice cream pint and cake lifter and spoon

Next, we spread a thick layer of vanilla ice cream on top of the bottom layer of cake, and then placed the remaining cake pieces on top. Easy peasy!

We popped them back in the freezer, and finally sliced them when we were ready to serve. Embedding some chocolate shavings on the sides is a simple way of adding that extra finishing touch.

2. PB & Jelly Stack

dripping ice cream sandwiches with strawberry coulis

This second sandwich is an ode to the perfect marriage that is peanut butter and jelly. Using a sheet of pound cake sliced up in a similar fashion to our chocolate cake, we heaped on a big load of peanut butter ice cream in between and topped it up with a generous portion of strawberry coulis (basically a thin jam).

dripping ice cream sandwiches with strawberry coulis

As per usual, slice this puppy up just before serving. This sandwich will satisfy even the most mammoth of PB & J cravings.

3. Can I have S’more Please?

stack of three graham cracker ice cream sandwiches covered with chocolate nibs

By this point you probably get the gist of how easy it is to put together an ice cream sandwich, so we won’t go through the mechanics of that again. We’ll drop a fun fact on you instead – while coming up with a punny name for this ice cream sandwich, we thought “Oh yes, s’more could totally stand in for ‘some more’. Ok done!” Upon looking into it a little more, it turns out that someone had the exact same thought in 1938, so s’more is actually a contraction of the two words. Oh well, so much for being clever.

stack of three graham cracker ice cream sandwiches covered with chocolate nibs. oreo cookie milkshake and sundae

This sandwich combines graham crackers (already perforated so you don’t have to do the hard work) with marshmallow ice cream and chocolate chips. Classic, but we’d argue a bit more elevated than your campfire s’more.

4. It’s Better with Chocolate

chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwich being dipped into bowl of chocolate sauce

The name says it all really. For this last ice cream sandwich, we dialed it back to the classic cookie and ice cream combo and dunked it in some melted semi-sweet chocolate. You can use any combo of flavours here – we tried mint chocolate chip, vanilla and hazelnut chocolate. And surprise surprise, they were all delightful.

tub of ice cream sandwiches with vanilla,chocolate and mint ice cream. Pint of mint ice cream with scoop on the side scooper

If you’re feeling extra fancy, roll the sandwich in some crushed nuts. These guys can be stored in the freezer until ready to serve.

That’s it!

We hope this list has given you some inspiration on how to take your ice cream game to the next level. If you’re looking for some ice cream to build a sandwich around, might we suggest our very own hand-crafted artisanal goodness? Also remember to tag us on Instagram @demetres if you decide to give any of these a go, and check back here next week for more!

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