🎉 It’s here, it’s here – our summer menu has arrived! 🎉

If there’s any season that’s just made for enjoying ice cream, it’s summer. That’s why we decided to go all out for  this menu and introduce not one, but two new seasonal flavours.

Demetres' Pineapple Sorbetto, a feature flavour for summer 2018 Demetres' Double Truffle Sorbetto for summer 2018

After countless flavour trials, we landed on our new Pineapple Sorbetto & the Double Truffle Sorbetto. They’re both vegan but they couldn’t be more different in flavour. To get an in-depth sense of their taste, click here.

Once our summer sorbettos were finalized, Chef Amy then began to figure out how we could present them in some of our signature dessert formats. We sat down with her to discuss the thought process that led to our summer feature desserts.


Demetres' Everyday I'm Trufflin' waffle with double truffle sorbetto

Hi Amy, tell us a bit about the items you chose to pair with our Double Truffle Sorbetto.

We are always listening to our customers – whether it’s requests for more vegan and gluten free options or seeing elevated sales on chocolate based items. And this was exactly that –I really wanted to give a dessert for all those chocolate lovers, but also deliver some more vegan and gluten free options.

First up is the flourless chocolate cake – it’s got a really rich and velvety chocolate flavour, that pairs perfectly with the salty pecans and caramel sauce.

Next we have the vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies which are amazing (and horrid to have in the office because I’m always eating them). Whether you are vegan or not, this cookie IS. SO. GOOD. It’s chewy with that slight crunch on the edges, and it doesn’t skimp on the chocolate chips. These pair well with anything really – I urge you to try them as a topping even!


Demetres' Turtle Time - a dark chocolate torte with double truffle sorbetto

Aside from being vegan, how does this sorbetto compare to our existing Chocolat ice cream?

The new sorbetto is very different from our dairy based chocolate ice creams (cocoa chanel and chocolate) – while it is still exceptionally creamy like our other ice creams, it is has a much deeper chocolate flavour. We use a really good quality, rich, cocoa powder that adds that depth to the sorbet. What really makes this sorbetto shine is the dark chocolate stracciatella – this adds those bits of rich dark chocolate crunch throughout each bit, which sets it apart from our other ice creams, but also from other sorbets out there! It really is like a melted chocolate truffle 🙂


Demetres' Pineapple Express One Scoop Sundae featuring pineapple sorbetto, bruleed bananas and maple coconut caramel

Traditionally, pineapple sorbets are very tart but this one is different. How did that impact your decision on toppings to pair with this flavour?

While pineapple is a delicious flavour on its own, I knew that it would be a bit of a task to find the perfect pairings for it. Originally my (brilliant) plan was to pair it with a caramel sauce and sponge cake to make a deconstructed pineapple upside down cake. That didn’t work as planned.

In our R&D tasting session bananas came up. Immediately I thought it was a weird combination – but the pair actually works!! The banana actually tones down the tart element in the pineapple and rounds the flavour out. The bruleed bananas adds a hint of sweetness from the caramelization of the sugars, and the coconut maple caramel sauce adds a creaminess while not being overly sweet. The combination works synergistically – each ingredient enhances the best aspects of the other ingredients!


Demetres' Sip Me Baby One More Time

Our new coconut pineapple smoothie – Sip Me Baby One More Time – sounds just like a piña colada minus the rum… was that the idea?

Exactly! When you have pineapple sorbetto and a phenomenal coconut sorbetto, there’s no question – PINA COLADAS FOR ALL! (We are serving ‘em up virgin of course). These smoothies are so smooth and refreshing, and should be served with the tagline “a tropical getaway” (said in a sultry voice with the sound of waves and seagulls in the background – I’ll talk to the servers about that one).


Demetres' Matcha Obliged Ice Tea

Aside from our new summer desserts, we’re also debuting an iced tea this season. Made with matcha powder from Uji, Japan and a custom yuzu lemon blend, the Matcha Obliged spritzer will keep you refreshed all summer long.


An array of Demetres desserts featuring two vegan summer sorbettos: pineapple & double truffle

We hope that this has whet your appetite for some serious dessert action! Make sure to  check back new week for our latest Insta Favs roundup and other goings on behind the scenes, and you can also find us on Instagram (@demetres) for your daily dose of dessert 😉  

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