While a particular fairytale may lead you to believe that eating a shiny red apple gifted by a mysterious crone is a bad idea, the same can’t be said of picking your own red (and yellow and green) apples at a local orchard to enjoy with your friends and family. It would be a shame not to visit an apple grove in the next couple of weeks and bring home some of the freshest fruit you’ll have all year!


We recently paid a visit to Applewood Farm Winery, where five types of apples were available for the picking. Varying types of apples will ripen at different times, so check the orchard’s picking schedule ahead of your visit if you’re partial to a specific type of apple.

Applewood Orchards

Just look at the number of apples! This could last someone a whole year 😵


Applewood provided us with a clear plastic bag to stuff in as many apples as we could, for a low price of $15 for 10 lbs or $20 for 20 lbs of apples. While they don’t allow the use of your own reusable bags, you could bring back old plastic apple bags that were purchased here previously and use them.

Ripening Honeycrisp apples

We’ll take both please!


Hand picking apple

Honeygold apple – meet our resident hand model 🙃


We saw a number of people snacking on fresh apples while they picked, but with the copious number of signs warning about pesticide use, we decided to play it safe and tuck into a slice of our apple pie instead. If you do decide to indulge while picking, we highly recommend washing the apples first, and perhaps peeling it also.

Demetres' Apple Pie

That caramel drip though…


What’s a visit to the farm without a tractor ride? After collecting the literal fruits of our labour, we hopped onboard and made our way back to the entrance.

A day well spent apple picking

Jasmin is all smiles after realizing what some of the apples will be used for… stay tuned friends!


Applewood also has a pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin or gourd to take home. Everyone is entitled to one pumpkin with their entrance fee of $10.

Applewood Orchards


Last but not least, we visited the Applewood store where housemade cider, wine and apple butter were well-stocked.

Applewood Orchards Produce Store


We highly encourage visiting your local orchard in the next little while before the apple season is over, and if you’re hankering after some sweet apple treats, we’ve got you covered. Follow us on Instagram (@demetres) and Facebook if you aren’t already, and check back next week for more fall goodness!

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