You know how sometimes you just have a good feeling about something? Call it intuition, a sixth sense, or just a hunch, but we’ve got a great feeling about our new fall ice cream flavour – Cookie Butter. We’re digging the flavour so much that we’ve built our new roster of seasonal feature desserts around this creamy delight. Scroll down to see what we’re serving up across all of our locations starting September 1st (so basically as of right now)!


First up: I Got Baked In Alaska

Demetres' Baked Alaska for fall 2018

Demetres' Baked Alaska for fall 2018

This dessert is deep. It’s got a lot going on beneath its meringue shell, so make sure to really dig in and get well acquainted. It’s built on a delicious foundation of blonde caramel cake, then topped with a generous scoop of cookie butter ice cream which is further coated with a toasted meringue shell. Paired with slices of fresh strawberries and a spiced cookie crumble, this dessert is the bomb diggity. 🔥


Next up is How The Cookie Crumbles

Demetres' Cookie Butter Ice Cream with a fresh crepe and bananas

Demetres' How The Cookie Crumbles Waffle with ice cream

Of course we had to find a way to serve our cookie butter ice cream on a fresh crêpe (or waffle). Slightly reminiscent of the ever-nostalgic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this dessert is just a touch more indulgent. With a generous serving of our strawberry coulis, freshly sliced bananas and a spiced cookie crumble, this dessert brings back only the fondest memories of those old school days. (Next up, Dunkaroo flavoured ice cream anyone? 😜)


Two new waffles in one season?!

Demetres' Coconut sorbetto with bananas and a fresh waffle

With frosty temperatures right around the corner, we all need something to remind us of the warmer days of summer. Stay in your safe tropical bubble with Island Time, our other new waffle (and crêpe) with ice cream this fall.


Let’s move on… to some Tough Cookies

Demetres' Cookie Butter Ice Cream Sundae

Unlike its name, this sundae is anything but tough to eat. In fact, we’re pretty sure it would be tough to resist a waffle cone filled with cookie butter ice cream that’s topped with roasted almond slices, and our topping du jour (that crunchy spiced cookie crumble). Order one and let us know how you fare in this battle of self-control. 😉


Last but not least, a glass of Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice to wash things down

Demetres' Cookie Butter ice cream milkshake

What’s better than having a cookie in both hands? A tall glass of cookie flavoured milkshake topped with whipped cream and cookie crumble. Made from our (you guessed it) cookie butter ice cream, this milkshake is smooth and flavourful – a perfect reward for saving Townsville yet again.


But WAIT, there’s more

Demetres' Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Along with our new fall feature desserts, we’ve also given facelifts to a couple of our existing desserts. Our two ice cream cookie sandwiches – Holy Chip & One Smart Cookie – are now served with new chocolate chip cookies that also happen to be flourless and vegan. For those seeking a full vegan experience, just swap out the ice cream flavour for one of our vegan sorbettos (and make sure to stick with the French Dark Chocolate Sauce!).


Demetres' 2018 Fall Feature Desserts

To see more of these desserts, head over to our online menu or enjoy them in person at any of our restaurants around the GTA. Have a great long weekend y’all, and make sure to let us know your thoughts on our new dessert roster over on Instagram (@demetres) or Facebook.

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