Earth Day is this Sunday and what better way to support the planet then to buy some plants and make yourself a terrarium! This DIY is 100% green and not to mention, very trendy. Take a look at how we made ours:


Terrarium Container (we found ours at Winners, but you can also check out Michaels or Home Depot too)
Succulent Plants (3-4 depending on the size of your container)
Planting Soil
Stones/gravel (for drainage layer)
Terrarium Decorations (i.e. stones, sand, moss, rocks, etc)


Start out by ensuring your terrarium container is clean and ready to be planted in. Once it’s clean, add a first layer of rocks/gravel. This is known as the drainage layer and will help ensure the water doesn’t flood the plant.

Next, add your soil layer

And then begin to pot your plants


by one

Final step: add rocks on the top for that extra decorative touch

Taa-daa! There you have it, your very own Terrarium.


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