Summer is a season of growth for our plant pals, and there’s nothing more satisfying than nurturing your own little garden and watching it flourish. To up the charm of your indoor #plantgang, we suggest ditching those plain plastic pots in favour of some attractive tea tin planters instead. They’re easy to make and basically free – what’s not to like?


You will need:Flatlay of materials needed for making your own tea tin planter

  • Empty tea tin – we’re using one of these
  • Tin snips
  • Masking tape
  • Pliers
  • Emery file
  • Hammer & nail


Step 1:

Hands wrapping masking tape around the top edge of a Sloane Tea container

Use a strip of masking tape and tape around the top of the tea tin twice. This is to protect the tin itself from scratches as we work to remove the top of it with tin snips.


Step 2:

Hands holding tin snips to remove top of tea tin

Using a pair of tin snips, start cutting away at the top surface. Clearing up the top will help repotting the plant later on when it outgrows this tea tin. Imagine trying to remove the roots in tact through the narrow opening… it doesn’t bear thinking about *shudder*.

It may help to cut and remove the top in sections/ribbons. If you can remove the top cleanly all the way around, do so. Otherwise leave about 1/2″ (1 cm) of the top of the tin all the way around.


Step 3:

Hands holding pliers, then a file to finish the top edge of tea tin planter

Using a pair of pliers, fold this top edge down. If your tin has curved angles, you may need to snip the edge at the top into a couple different pieces in order to fold them down neatly. Once all the edges have been folded down, use an emery board (we’re using a rough nail file from the dollar store) to sand down the inside.


Step 4:

Hands hammering holes into the bottom of the tea tin planter

Turn the tin upside down and create some drainage holes on the bottom with the help of a hammer and nail. Since the nail is quite skinny, we decided to go with multiple drainage holes.


Step 5: add some plants!

Two tea tins turned into planters for succulents

If you need some cute tea tins to give this tutorial a go, check out our selection here. Granted, they do come packed with delicious loose leaf tea, but we’re sure you can figure out an easy way to solve that problem. 🍵 


And there you have it folks – an easy way to upcycle those old tea tins into some darling planters for your indoor #gardengoals 🌱 Make sure to check back later this week for more summer fun, and follow us on Instagram (@demetres) for daily doses of dessert!

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