It’s officially summer y’all, and we’ve come up with a little seasonal refresh for everyone’s favourite accessory. With a few tools and some colour paper, we whipped up a floral phone case that is sure to look ace in flatlays all summer long. 👌 Learn how you can make your own with our instructions below.

You will need:

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY Materials

  • A blank phone case for your phone – it can be transparent or a solid colour – whichever you prefer
  • Resin – you’ll need both the hardener and the resin. Luckily they’re usually sold in sets like this.
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing rods
  • Colour paper
  • Exacto blade
  • Lighter (not pictured)
  • Cutting mat (not pictured)


Step 1:

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY Step 1

On a cutting mat and using the exacto blade, cut out various floral and leaf shapes. If you need a few ideas to start, check out some vector templates from freepik like this one and this one.


Step 2:

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY Step 2

Arrange the cutouts on the back of the phone case (i.e. on the outside of the case) until you get to a composition that you like. Then glue them down (use a clear drying adhesive if your phone case is transparent).


Step 3:

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY Step 3

Mix the resin & hardener according to package directions. The resin we used is mixed 1:1 with the hardener, but that may not be the case for every kit. You’ll need just under 2 oz of resin in total once mixed.


Step 4:

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY Step 4

Then spread the mixture carefully with a dowel or stir stick over your cutouts without going over the edge.


Step 5:

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY Step 5

There may be a fair amount of air bubbles in the resin – but don’t fret, all of them can be removed with a little heat. Use the lighter and move quickly over the resin bubbles to watch them pop and disappear. Do this over the entire case to ensure a clear finish. Then wait for everything to dry thoroughly (usually 2 days+).


& there you have it!

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY

Perfect for a summer #flatlay with a cappuccino 😉

Demetres' Summer Phone Case DIY

If you give this tutorial a shot, show us how it turns out via Instagram or Facebook, and make sure to check back here next week for a fun new recipe and other goodies.

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