Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be – and that’s a good thing. Apparently the first Thanksgiving, which was celebrated by the Pilgrims and their Native American allies, didn’t even feature dessert 😱 (due to running out of sugar, no less).


Thankfully pie has become a staple in our modern day adaptation, and we’re of the mindset that the more pies, the better! That’s why we hosted a pie-off this Thanksgiving, and presented it with this handy (faux) terrazzo sign. Read on to see how you can create one for your next get together – wether it be for pies, or any other dessert that strikes your fancy!


You will need:

Demetres' Pie Sign DIY materials

  • A large sheet of plexiglass – we got ours from Home Hardware
  • Laminate knife (optional)
  • Water-based white paint pen
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Spray paint
  • Printer
  • Masking tape


Step 1

First we need to prep the plexiglass. You can either get the plexiglass cut to size at the hardware store (Home Hardware offers this for free!) or cut it yourself using a laminate knife. To cut it with the laminate knife, just score where you’d like the plexiglass to be cut (it may take a few gos to make a score deep enough), then hold the score over the edge of a table, and snap off the end.


Step 2

Demetres' Pie Sign DIY step 1

Create the saying that you would like to display, and type it out on the computer in any photo editing program. Flip this text horizontally, and print it out at the size you would like to see on the sign. (To download the sign we used, click here).

Tape the printed text onto one side of the plexiglass, then flip it over and remove the protective sheet on the other side of the glass. Trace over the text using the white paint marker. You may need to do multiple layers if the first layer isn’t 100% opaque.


Step 4

Demetres' Pie Sign DIY step 2

This step is only if you want to achieve a terrazzo effect for your sign. If you’d prefer to have a solid colour instead, skip to step 5!


With a paint brush, paint some stone/rock shapes of varying sizes around the sign using acrylic paint. Since our overall sign will be pink, we stuck with black, white, and two colours in the red family.


Step 5

Using your spray paint colour of choice, cover the whole back of the sign with multiple layers of paint. Keep the protective sheet on the front of the sign (the side without any paint) while doing this – that’ll save you time on cleanup if you mistakenly get paint onto the front. Let dry.


That’s it!

Demetres' Pie Sign DIY Tutorial

Now all you need is some pies (or cakes, or cookies, the list goes on) and some willing taste testers 😉


Check back later this week for more on the topic of all things sweet, and remember to follow us on Instagram (@demetres) and Facebook for your daily dessert dose!

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