We’re putting a twist on the classic painted eggs with these DIY marbled eggs. The best part? It’s a whole lot easier and will dry in less than an hour. Plus, it makes a beautiful decor element for any Easter get together. Get the full DIY below!

What you’ll need

Nail or Sharp knife
Rubber Gloves
Plastic Cups
Nail Polish (pick at least 3-4 colours depending on how marbled you want your eggs)


Start by blowing out your Easter eggs. We found the best method of doing it here

Once your eggs are all blown out, fill 3-4 cups with room temperature water (Note: the temperature of the water is very important for this DIY to work)

In each plastic cup, place a few drops of nail polish, mixing up the colours depending on what colours you want on each egg. The nail polish should be floating on the top of the water and not sinking (if it sinks, change the temperature of the water or the DIY will not work)

Swirl the nail polish around to marble the colours.

Using plastic gloves, pick up an egg, and submerge it completely in the water in the cup.

As you lift it out, the nail polish will stay on the egg creating a marble effect.

Repeat this until all your eggs have been “dyed”, adding more nail polish to the cups as you go.

Let the eggs dry for 30 mins-1 hour and then put them on display!


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