With the new year comes the usual tide of fitness goal setting and talk of organising our lives. Since there are plenty of motivational blogs out there for that exact purpose 365 days of the year, we decided to bring you guys a little tutorial instead. This earphone organiser DIY will not only rid you of the frustration that only tangled wires can bring, but also provide you a little motivation to get moving… so you can treat yourself to more ice cream of course 😉

What you’ll need:

Bird's eye view of materials for making leather earphone holders

  • Scrap or faux leather in 6 oz & 2 oz thicknesses
  • Pair of sharp scissors
  • Rawhide mallet
  • Awl
  • E6000 glue (or some other epoxy glue)
  • Metal snaps & caps (we used ones with 1/2″ diameter)
  • Metal setter & rivet anvil
  • Popsicle/stir stick
  • Pen
  • Our handy template found here (right click and download to print)


Step 1:

Hand drawing on back of leather

Print out our template onto cardstock and trace it onto the back of your leather scraps. The ice cream ‘scoop’ itself should be traced onto your thicker piece (6 oz) while the sauce drips should go on the thinner piece (1 or 2 oz).


Step 2:Hand cutting out drawn shape from leather Cut out pieces of leather with scissors and other materials nearby

Cut out the shapes you trace onto the leather. The thinner leather should be fairly easy to cut through, and a smaller pair of sewing scissors may do a better job at getting the little drips properly shaped. If your scissors are too blunt to cut through the 6 oz leather, try using an exacto knife instead. Carefully, of course 🙂


Step 3:Hands applying glue to the back of a piece of leather

Apply the epoxy glue with the popsicle stick onto the back of the sauce cutouts. This glue is fairly smelly, so try to do this in a well ventilated area! Then position them carefully on either end of your ice cream scoop cutout and press down and wait for the glue to cure. While this glue is considered fully dry after 2 days, you can move onto the next step within a couple of hours max.


Step 4:Hand poking an awl through two layers of leather

Using the sharp awl, push through both layers of the leather about 1/2″ from the end length-wise, and dead centre width-wise. You’ll really need to push the awl all the way through the leather pieces and create a hole large enough to fit the cap in for the next step.


Step 5:

Hands inserting metal cap into two layers of leather

Push a metal cap through the hole made in the previous step, making sure that there’s at least 3mm sticking out the other side.


Step 6:

Hands adding other side of metal grommet while holding a metal setter

Turn to the back side of the leather and fit a snap onto the cap stem.


Step 7:

Hand hammering grommet with a rawhide mallet and setter

Place the rivet anvil beneath the metal cap and then insert the setter into the centre of the snap, where the stem of the cap is sticking through. Hammer the setter with the rawhide mallet several times until the snap feels tight/isn’t shifting.

Then repeat from step 4 on the other side. The cap that you use will look the same, but the snap will be different as it fits into the other half of the snap you just secured. Don’t push the two snap sides together until you have hammered and secured each half to the leather – they’re devilishly hard to pry apart 😉


And there you have it!

Three leather earphone holders made from colourful leather on a blue background

Roll up your earphone wires and snap on your new organiser. The beauty of this craft is that it can be customised to your favourite ice cream flavour & sauce topping. Tag us on Instagram @demetres if you give this DIY a shot, and check back next week for a tasty recipe + some more handmade action!

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