With Easter just around the corner, we’re hopping right to it and whipping up some fun soap bars in preparation for the holiday. While we don’t recommend substituting these brightly coloured soap bars for chocolates (lest you want a revolt on your hands), they can be put to use around the house or given away as fun party favours. Plus, they add to the holiday mood without increasing the risk of getting a cavity 😉

You will need:

Easter Soap DIY Materials

Easter Soap DIY Materials

  • White soap base (2 lbs or more)
  • Clear soap base (1 lb or more)
  • Microwave safe glass measuring cup
  • Paring knife
  • Plastic soap mold
  • Silicone candy mold with bunnies, carrots or other easter themed shapes (we used this one)
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Red, blue and yellow liquid dyes


Step 1:

Hand pouring white soap into silicone bunny molds.

Place a few white blocks of soap base into the glass measuring cup and microwave in intervals of 15 seconds until they have melted. Make sure to keep a close eye on them as they will heat up and bubble over quite quickly! Then pour them carefully into your candy mold. We kept it white for the bunnies, and added in a little yellow and red colouring to make orange carrots.


Step 2:

Placing small soap bunnies and carrots into larger plastic soap mold.

Allow the little soap bunnies and carrots to solidify (1 – 2 hrs), then carefully remove them from the mold. Arrange them carefully inside the plastic soap mold to your liking. The tops of the bunnies and carrots will be concave/have a bit of a lip, so use a knife to remove them prior to placement.


Step 3:

Hand pouring clear liquid soap into plastic mold.

Place a few blocks of clear soap base into the measuring cup and melt them in the microwave. Then quickly pour the liquid soap into the soap mold, but don’t completely submerge the small bunnies and carrots.


Step 4:

Hands stirring blue colouring into melted white soap base

Melt a few blocks of white soap base in the microwave, and add a few drops of blue dye (or another of your choice). Mix it in thoroughly with a stir stick.


Step 5:

Hand pouring blue coloured soap base into plastic soap molds.

Quickly pour the blue soap base into the molds, up until the top or at least until all the small easter shapes have been fully submerged.


Step 6:

Blocks of finished melt and pour easter soaps

Wait a full day for the soap to set, then carefully pop them out of their molds. If the soap bases weren’t hot enough during the pouring, then two layers may separate – so make sure to do everything as speedy as possible!



Hand holding block of bunny soap against a white and yellow background

Give these away as party favours or just place them around the house during Easter for your guests to enjoy. You can also add essential oils to these soaps to give them a soothing scent.


Blocks of finished soap blocks in a white platter on a yellow surface

If you give these soaps a shot, make sure to take a picture and show us on Instagram (@demetres). Tune in next week for more Easter goodness!

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