The Spring Equinox (which is today!), marks the official start of spring. While that might be hard to believe with the persisting sub zero temperatures, we nevertheless want to take a moment and mark the occasion by bringing in some much needed greenery with this framed succulents DIY.

What you’ll need:

Materials for making a succulent frame including succulent cuttings, soil, and water

Materials for making a succulent frame including a shadowbox frame, wire cutters, pliers and wire netting

  • A heckload of succulent cuttings – unfortunately you’ll have to remove their roots in order to allow them to grow into the frame over time
  • Cactus/succulent-suited soil
  • Water
  • Shadowbox frame – back-loading, not top-loading
  • Galvanized steel wire mesh (1/2″ x 1/2″ grid)
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers


Step 1:

Placing wire netting into the back of a wood shadowbox frame

Remove the back of the shadowbox and cut out a piece of wire mesh that fits within the frame with some heavy duty wire cutters. Make sure the wire cutters you use are suitable for thick steel wire – otherwise, you’re going to have a very hard time! The mesh may come in a roll so take your time in flattening it before adding it into the frame.


Step 2:

Attaching the backing onto the frame and laying down some soil

The shadowbox we used came with an inner wooden frame that would keep the wire mesh firmly in place where the glass used to be. If your shadowbox does not come with a frame like this, use a staple gun to attach the mesh in place.

Then pop the back onto the frame and start filling the box with soil.


Step 3:

Filling the shadowbox frame with soil

Filling the shadowbox frame with soil

Make sure to spread soil throughout the whole frame, and fill it up until the soil reaches just below the mesh.


Step 4:

Laying down the succulent cuttings on top of the wire frame

Start arranging the succulent cuttings inside of the frame, on top of the mesh. While you want a compacted look, don’t squish the succulents too close together – give them some space to grow!


Last but not least:

Succulent frame DIY complete

Place the frame lying down in a sunny spot indoors and water the soil occasionally (once every week to two weeks). This will encourage the succulents to grow roots into the soil below the mesh, which will ultimately allow the frame to be hung up vertically without loose soil falling everywhere. Be patient though – the strong roots that you’re looking for will take a few months to grow, especially in cold weather such as now.


Framed Succulent DIY

Use this feature frame to add some liveliness to your home, or wait for those roots to grow and gift this in May just in time for Mother’s Day! Whichever you choose, send us a picture of your own framed succulents on Instagram (@demetres) if you decide to make one. Make sure to check back again for more DIYs, recipes and behind-the-scenes looks here at Demetres HQ 🙂

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