Mom’s are superb, trendy, and deserve all our love, especially for Mother’s Day. Give your mom some hand-made love (not to mention, trendy personalized decor) this Mother’s Day with our DIY Floral Letter (P.S. We used all materials from the dollar store, so consider it a budget friendly DIY too.) Check it out!



Bristol Board
Small, faux flowers
Floral Foam


Start by cutting out a bubble letter our of bristol board (Tip: use the first letter of your mom’s name). Then, use strips of bristol board and create sides to turn your letter into a 3D letter.

Cut the floral foam and fit it into the inside of the letter.

Cut the faux flowers so the stems are roughly 1 inch. Then, start to stick flowers into the floral foam.

Continue until your entire letter is filled


She’s going to love it! Give us a shout @caffedemetre if you tried this out and let us know what you thought.

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