As September approaches and the days grow shorter, we are taking advantage of the last remnants of warm weather here and convening with nature, picnic style.  

To put together the perfect group outing, we focused on three main things: 

  • Easy-to-pack, nutritious food 
  • Sensible containers & cutlery 
  • And finding the right grassy spot for some feasting and a lot of lounging 

Follow along to see what we got up to, and show us your own summer picnic on Instagram @demetres. 

Here are some of the food that we brought along: 

Lettuce wraps with a cup of fruit tea.

Chicken lettuce wraps with avocado and bell pepper.

Small wraps are easy to hold and carry, plus you can vary the contents to suit everyone’s tastes. We wrapped a few slices of grilled chicken, avocado, and bell pepper in lettuce leaves, and added a dollop of ranch for good measure. Minimize the mess by packaging them in glassine bags, and watch them disappear like magic.


When it comes to constructing jars of salad, layers are key.

When it comes to nutritious bite-size cuisine, salad is king. The important thing is to separate the salad dressing from the greens until you’re ready to dig in, with leaves on top, and dressing on the bottom. Otherwise, those bright green leaves will be a sad soggy mess 🙁

A slice of pecan pie in a handy dandy pie box.Grab a piece of cardstock, and print out the template for your pie box.

Finish the meal with a sweet sweet slice of pie (pecan for us, por favor). Transporting whole pies can be tricky, so we’re using the handy cake box template from Mirkwood Designs for the times when you need just a small slice of heaven. We printed out the template on a thick piece of cardstock, and you can do the same with her pattern here

Create your own summer picnic spread, and share it with us @caffedemetre on Instagram!

Finally, bring your favourite loaf of bread, condiments and bite-sized fruits and you’ve got yourself a bonafide summer picnic. 

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