Love is in the air and we’re here for it! Send your bae a sweet love note this Valentine’s Day using one of our dessert card templates below. 🥰

Demetres' DIY Valentine's Day Cards

You can leave them as is or add in some colours with pencil crayons and markers. Don’t forget to glue on some pompoms as balls of ice cream because dessert is always better when there’s ice cream involved. 😉

Professing your love can be a cakewalk…

Demetres' DIY Valentine Cards

…and what better way to illustrate your intentions than with an actual piece of cake? Download this card template here.


No waffling allowed 🙃

Demetres' DIY Valentine Cards

As a famous boy group once crooned, “Quit playing games with my heart”. 🎵 Express your feelings loud and clear with this card and a fully loaded waffle with ice cream.


Couples that cone together, stay together

Demetres' DIY Valentine Cards

There are a number of adages out there about how to forge a lasting relationship. You’ll hear things like “couples who cook together stay together” or the more dubious “couples who mask together stay together” (don’t ask 🙄). Frankly there’s no magic formula when it comes to the game of love, but sharing some ice cream with your beau and telling them how much you like them using this card probably wouldn’t hurt. 👌 


Let us know if these cards hit their mark, and make sure share with us your favourite romantic dessert puns on Instagram (@demetres) & Facebook💖

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