It’s officially sweater (and parka) weather now, which means we’ll be spending a lot more time curling up indoors, preferably with a hot drink in hand. While hot tea and coffee and cocoa (oh my!) are always welcome in our books, they do have a pesky habit of leaving behind not-so-flattering water marks. In an effort to combat this scourge to tables everywhere, we have an easy coaster tutorial that will keep your surfaces in tip-top shape and allow you to enjoy your hot beverage worry free. 🍵


What you need:

Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY Tutorial Materials

  • A sheet of cork – we snatched some from the dollar store
  • Mod Podge (or diluted white glue)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sharpie marker
  • X-acto knife
  • Our handy cake template


Step 1:

Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY Tutorial Step 1

Trace the cake shape from our template onto the cork sheet with a sharpie… or freestyle your own!


Step 2:

Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY Tutorial Step 2

Carefully cut out the cake shape using an x-acto knife. Cork can be very crumbly, so be careful around corners – otherwise you may end up removing more than you intended!


Step 3:

Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY Tutorial Step 3

Spread a thin layer of mod podge onto the cork cake with a wide paintbrush – make sure the cover the top as well as the edges on the side. This will help with painting the cork later on by providing a smooth surface, and also keep all the crumbly cork together. You can do the same with the bottom as well, but we opted to keep it au natural for that soft cork feel. 👌


Step 4:

Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY Tutorial Step 4

After the mod podge has dried, it’s time to paint! Slap on some acrylic paint to emulate your favourite slice. 🍰 We started with two base coats of white, then mixed up some paint to approximate slices of our Red Velvet Cheesecake & Caramel Fudge Brownie Cheesecake. 😋 Added bonus: the cork also lends its texture nicely to portraying the cake crumb.


Step 5:

Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY Tutorial Step 5

After you’ve completed your cake masterpiece, brush on a final layer of mod podge. Don’t worry, it’ll dry clear so it won’t ruin your hard work.



Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY

Now brew up a pot, and sit down with a slice of your favourite cake while you marvel at your new masterpieces. 


Demetres' Cork Cake Coaster DIY

If you decide to give this DIY a go, let us know how it turns out over on Instagram (@demetres) or Facebook. Check back next week for more dessert goodness, and if you’re looking for some daily dessert inspo – follow us on Instagram!

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