The spookiest time of year is just around the corner. So whether you’re going trick-or-treating, handing out candy, or heading to a Halloween party, we’ve got some D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S (and super cute) costume ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth and that you can make right at home. Hands down, you are winning that costume contest.

Because who doesn’t love a good cupcake with sprinkles?

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What you’ll need:
Cupcake Liner:
Round plastic laundry basket
Coloured bristol board of choice (for “cupcake liner”)

Cherry Headband:
Red headband
Red paint
Styrofoam ball

Coloured pom poms
Quilt batting (we got ours from Wal-Mart)

Assembling Tools:
Spray adhesive
Glue gun



1) Cut out the circular bottom of the laundry basket. This might be tough so we recommend using a sharp exacto knife, or a mini-saw.

2) Fold the bristol board sheets into an accordion fold, replicating the look of a cupcake liner. Tape the two sheets together, and attach them with tape or a glue gun to the perimeter of the laundry basket (Note: you may need to trim the bristol board to match the length of your laundry basket).

3) To make the frosting, spread the quilt batting out on the floor. Create three cylindric shapes:
– Bottom layer: roll quilt batting 4 times over, trim as needed, seal with adhesive spray
– Middle layer: roll quilt batting 3 times over, trim as needed, seal with adhesive spray
– Top layer: roll quilt batting 2 times over, trim as needed, seal with adhesive spray
*Note: To make each roll fuller and fluffier, you can stuff the cylinder with even more quilting!

4) In no particular order, glue pom-poms onto your three cylinders with a glue gun.

5) For the headband, you can purchase a red headband at your local dollar store. Then, paint your styrofoam ball with red paint and let it dry. Attached a black piece of pipe-cleaner for the stem, and glue gun your “cherry” onto the side of the headband.

6) When you’re ready to put on the costume, glue together the “frosting layers”, starting with the largest layer on the bottom, and continuing until the smallest layer is roughly around your neck. Attach your headband and your ready for some cupcake fun!

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When you just can’t get enough of this fluffy carnival goodness
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What you’ll need:
Polyfill or Quilt Batting
Light pink spray paint
Pink ribbon
Light pink or white t-shirt
White bristol board (for cone hat)
Adhesive Spray



1) Gently pull apart your quilt batting/polyfill to make fluffier pieces of the material (this gives it the cotton candy look).

2) Once you have your quilt “fluff”, spray paint the pieces with light-pink spray paint. Let it dry for an hour. Set aside a small handful of the quilting for the “cotton candy hat.”

3) Once your quilting has dried, attach the pieces to a white or light pink long-sleeved t-shirt using spray adhesive. You’ll want to layer the piece on the shirt so the bottom is more filled/fluffy than the top, to replicate cotton candy on a stick.

4) While the shirt is drying, use a piece of white bristol board and roll it into a cone shape (you can trim it so the cone isn’t too long). This will be used as the hat. Tape the cone together, and glue some of the extra “cotton candy fluff” on the rim of the cone-opening. Punch 2 holes on opposite sides of the cone, and  attach some strings to help tie the hat onto your head.

5) Tie a piece of pink ribbon in a bow around your neck to complete the look.

** You can wear white/pink bottoms with the shirt, or turn this look into a shirt-dress by doubling the amount of quilt batting, and gluing it onto a t-shirt dress instead of a shirt.

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Who needs frosting when you can be a solo show?
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What you’ll need:
Roll of corrugated paper (we got ours from Michaels)
2 large pieces of cardboard
Light pink spray paint
2 sheets of Dura-lar paper (a clear polyester film we got from Curry’s art store)
Pink & white cardstock paper
Twisting balloons (used to make balloon animals)
Clear masking tape
Glue gun


This is what the corrugated paper tubes should look like when combined

This is what the corrugated paper tubes should look like when combined


1) Cut two large circles out from the cardboard, then cut a smaller hole in the middle of each circle (large enough to fit yourself or the person the costume is used for.) These will be used for the lid/bottom of the sprinkle jar

2) Roll your corrugated paper into 2 tubes that fit the width of your body, and matches the size of the inner circle of the cardboard

3) Attach the two corrugated paper tubes together to make one long tube using masking tape. Be sure to cut out arm holes in the tube as well (see photo above).

4) Use extra corrugated paper to line the perimeter of one of the cardboard circles (to make the sprinkle lid).

5) Spray paint your lid top, bottom & inner tube with pink spray paint and let it to dry for an hour.

6) In the meanwhile, cut out letters that say “SPRINKLES” and a fun dessert shape (we went with an ice cream cone) from card stock. Glue these onto the centre of one sheet of Dura-lar paper. This will act as a label for the front of your sprinkle jar.

7) Once it’s dry, it’s time for the assembly. You want to attach the corrugated paper tube to the top and bottom of the sprinkle lid (the two cardboard circles). We found masking tape works best.

8) Once attached, take your two sheets of Dura-lar and tape them together. Then, carefully line the plastic film along the edge of the top and bottom lid of the sprinkle jar, and glue gun it down. This creates the “plastic bottle” for the sprinkles. Be sure to cut out arm holes that match the corrugated paper as well.

9) Inflate your balloons to about six inches long. One long twisting balloon can actually get you 3 mini ones by inflating, tying and cutting off the mini balloon section. *Note: You may need more balloons than you think!

10) Finally, fill the sprinkle jar with balloons through the armholes.

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Because friends that dessert together, stay together
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What you’ll need:
Light brown craft paper
Chocolate brown card stock
Cotton calls or Cobwebs (for “stuffing” the cookies)
Twine or other string
Glue gun

1) Cut out 4 large brown circles from the craft paper.

2) Trace and cut out “chocolate chips” or “chunks” from brown card stock, ensuring you have enough chips to cover two full cookies.

3) Glue the chips onto two cookies (only two because they will be the front of the cookies, the back will be attached to your back and will not show, so no chips needed there).

4) Glue together one “chip” cookie and one plain, by lining the outer edges with glue. Leave a 5-inch un-glued opening to stuff the cookies. Repeat with the other cookie.

5) Stuff the inside of the cookies with cotton or stuffing, ensuring they are puffy enough to pass as a freshly baked cookie.

6) Once the stuffing is complete, glue together the final bit of the cookies.

7) Attach the twine as “backpack” straps to the cookie, by hole punching two holes at the top of the cookie, and two at the bottom.

Don’t forget to wear all white to look like a vanilla choco-chip cookie sandwich (or get creative and wear any colour to be different flavours of ice-cream).

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So there you have it! Four DIY Dessert costumes that look as good as they would taste in real life. And hey, if you want to make the real dessert as a prop for your costume, why not? (It’ll be a delicious snack too!) If you try one of the costumes, be sure to show us by tagging us on social media.

P.S. *CONTEST ALERT* Follow us on instagram for your chance to WIN one of these costumes!! Happy Halloween!


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