Course: Drink

Demetres' Ginger Hot Chocolate Recipe

Ginger French Hot Chocolate

Who can say no to a nice warm mug of hot chocolate this time of year? Certainly not us - and especially if said hot chocolate has a little added heat to warm yo...
Demetres' Baklava Milkshake Recipe Final Product

Baklava Milkshake

This time of year can be a wee bit stressful - whether you're hyper focused on major school projects, spending some extra hours at the office, or setting up pla...
Demetres' Raspberry Foam Tea Recipe

Raspberry & Lemon Cheese Foam Tea

In our daily business as dessert purveyors, we serve up innumerable slices of cheesecake. Whether our guests are craving a slice of decadent brownie cheesecake,...
two cups of peach ombre sparkling tea lemonade with berries

Sparkling Blooming Tea

With Mother's Day just two days away, it's time to kick your planning into high gear. We shared a few gift ideas last week for that special lady in your life, b...
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