It’s almost September, which means saying goodbye soon to the warm summer nights, switching those flip flops for close-toed shoes, and taking just one last dip in the lake. Amidst this seasonal change, one thing remains constant and true: our collective appetite for ice cream. So in recognition of this shared love for the frozen treat, we’re introducing a new feature flavour to our menu for the fall!

Keep reading to see what we’ve got planned, and see what chef Amy has to say about our latest proffering.


Meet the newest member of our squad: Cookie Butter

Demetres' Cookie Butter Ice Cream Cross Section

Hi Amy, what exactly is cookie butter?

It’s basically a spreadable form of speculaas, a crunchy spiced biscuit eaten in the Netherlands and Belgium around Christmas time. Speculaas is like a sweeter, crunchier gingerbread cookie, and it’s just delightful. When you break these cookies down into crumbs and mix those with flour, sugar and vegetable oils (or some other type of fat), you end up with a spreadable paste that can be put on toast, incorporated into hot chocolate, included in ice cream, or anything else your cookie loving heart desires!


Demetres' Cookie Butter Ice Cream Ingredients

What inspired this flavour for the fall?

When I think of fall I think of spices – cinnamon especially. While speculaas cookies are traditionally consumed around Christmas time, I feel like the mix of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon also coincide with the consumption of mulled ciders, pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie – which are all very fall!


Demetres' Cookie Butter Ice Cream

What types of toppings can we see paired with this flavour?

On our new seasonal crêpe and waffle, we are pairing it with banana and strawberry coulis and specculaas cookies. That may sound a bit unusual, but all the flavours coming together are reminiscent of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich! The creamy cookie butter really contrasts with the tart and fresh flavour of the strawberry, the same way that peanut butter does with strawberry jam. The banana compliments the creaminess of the cookie butter, and the cookies add a delicious crunch. It’s surprisingly addictive!


Demetres' Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Were there any other ice cream flavours that you entertained for the fall season?

We did extensive testing, and some interesting flavours emerged. Have you ever had sesame snaps? Imagine those crunchy bits speckled throughout a light honey vanilla- or cinnamon-based ice cream with wisps of caramel… and then that slightly nutty flavour of the sesame seeds hits you right at the end. It’s become a favourite among the office, but we’re still working on perfecting the recipe before launching it.


Thanks Amy!


Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we hope that you’ll enjoy our new Cookie Butter ice cream this fall starting September 1st across all of our locations! Check back later this week for some Labour Day long weekend fun, and remember to follow us on Instagram (@demetres) where we dish up desserts on the daily. 💁

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