Our winter menu is 24 days away and we can’t wait for you to get your hands (or rather, mouths) into our new ice-cream flavours!

Now, you’re probably wondering how exactly we pick & choose which new flavours to add onto our menu each season. Well, we’ve photo-documented a little BTS of our corporate office’s ice-cream taste testing.

All our corporate staff gathered around the kitchen, spoons in one hand, a scoring sheet in the other, and tasted different variations of flavours and ice-creams one at a time.

caffe demetre’s ice cream tastingAnd tried more.caffe emetre’s ice cream tastingAnd more.caffe demetre’s ice cream tastingUntil each of us had tried 19 variations of flavours (YUP, you heard right, 19.)Working hard or hardly working? Our Marketing Specialists, Jasmin & Sydney helped to document the experience via Snapchat & Insta stories (P.S. add us up if you haven’t, @CaffeDemetre)caffe demetre’s ice cream tastingcaffe demetre’s ice cream tastingSo mint may or may not be on the winter menu… 😉 caffe demetre’s ice cream tastingThe secret scoring sheets! Can you guess which flavours won?caffe demetre’s ice cream tastingAlllllll done.

The entire team sat around a table, sugar-levels at a high, and had a two hour meeting selecting our favourites. By the end of it all, we came to a decision and have three amazingly delicious, new and exciting flavours you’ll see on our winter menu, which launches December 1st in stores. BUT, you can get a sneak peak of the flavours on November 30th, if you follow us on Snapchat/Instagram. We’ll be doing a live reveal and tasting the flavours for you to let you know what you’re missing out on 😉 See you on November 30th!!

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