It’s official – winter has arrived on our doorsteps. There’s no denying the cold winds howling outside, but we have worked up a sweat here at Demetres HQ to bring you the latest specials for the season. This round of specials has us revisiting some old favourites from last winter, but with new flavour twists added by our custom house-made toppings.

We sat down with our chef Amy to discuss these new dishes and to understand a little about the thinking that went into bringing these to fruition.

Close up of bread pudding with big scoop of vanilla ice cream and blueberry compote on top of a white table with copper cutlery

We’re bringing back the bread pudding from the last winter menu, but with a different dressing – why is that? And how did you decide on the new flavours to pair with it?

The bread pudding was a hit last year, and for good reason – it’s made from challah bread, it’s incredibly moist and has a nice light caramel flavour with notes of cinnamon. We added the house-made blueberry compote this year because blueberries pair so well with the notes of cinnamon and brown sugar in the bread pudding. Plus the compote works well with the maple coconut caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream too, which leads to a super addictive combination.

White plate with chocolate sauce and crepe with mint chocolate ice cream ball on top surrounded by brownie chunks and oreo crumbles

The plating style for the bread pudding is a bit different from last year and our other menu items. Why is that and what can we expect aesthetically for the future?

Plating is something we are working to update – so expect a face lift for all the desserts that we have come to know and love. One of the new plating styles I’m working to incorporate is this look of ‘effortless elegance’. Basically it’s adding more components to each dish, which aids in textural diversity, aesthetics and flavour layering. That being said, I would never add a garnish just for the sake of aesthetic appeal – it has to also taste great!

Big glass cup of a two scoop mint chocolate ice cream sundae topped with waffle cone slice, whipped cream and a chocolate crinkle cookie

Oooh sounds exciting! When will we see this update happen?

Right now we are trying new plating concepts across many of our dishes at the Dufferin restaurant location for the next few months. We are using this as an opportunity to gain feedback from both the customers as well as the store staff. Change can be intimidating sometimes – but we continually strive to elevate the Demetres experience. This plating update will give us the opportunity to incorporate new garnishes, colours and flavours, and bring our desserts to a new level.

Close up shot of two cups of hot chocolate with toasted square marshmallows on top

The marshmallows in the hot chocolate are all handmade… who makes them?!

Our in-house staff makes them! Producing them (as well as many of our other garnishes, sauces, etc) in-house allows us to ensure that every item is produced with quality ingredients, and gives us the control to adapt the recipes specifically to each of our desserts. The marshmallows are very time consuming and a lot of work – but it’s worth it! We have made them so they melt at the right speed in your hot chocolate, they aren’t too chewy, and they only have notes of vanilla so they don’t overpower the hot chocolate.

Tall glass of mint chocolate ice cream milk shake, topped with whipped cream and two blue straws

Well there you have it folks: some insight into our new winter specials, straight from our chef Amy. We are so excited to be sharing these new desserts with you, and we hope you love them as much as we do! As always, please let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram @demetres and check back next week for more winter menu goodness.

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