At first glance, the words ‘bird’ and ‘ice cream’ don’t really fit together. But when we put some ice cream cones to use for our fine feathered friends in the form of cute bird feeders, things start to make a bit more sense. Find out below how you too, can offer some much appreciate sustenance to your local bird population. Plus if you happen to have some cones left over, there’s nothing wrong with using them for a frozen treat for yourself. 🙃


You will need:Materials to make your own bird feeder

  • A few wafer ice cream cones
  • A sharp dowel or two
  • Some cotton thread or twine
  • Peanut butter
  • Bird feed – you can make your own mix, or buy some pre-made
  • Scissors
  • A handy tree to hang your finished creations on


Step 1:How to make your own bird feeder step 1

Poke a wooden dowel carefully through the tip of the ice cream cone, and wiggle it around to make some space for the thread.


Step 2:How to make your own bird feeder step 2

Carefully thread the string through the holes you just made, and tie the two ends in a knot up top.


Step 3:How to make your own bird feeder step 3

Gently spread a band of peanut butter along the outer rim of the ice cream cone.


Step 4:How to make your own bird feeder step 4

Dip the cone into the bird feed mix and roll the edge around until the peanut butter is fully covered.


And you’re done – easy peasy!

Completed bird feeder cones

Just hang it up on a branch and wait for our fine feathered friends to come by!


Completed bird feeder cones

Depending on the seeds you choose to dress your feeder with, different types of birds will come by for a peck. Check out this post to get an idea of what certain birds like to nosh on, and make sure to come back later this week for a brand new recipe – geared towards people that is 😉

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