As the temperature continues to drop, we are looking ahead to December when a whole new roster of seasonal specials will make their way onto our winter menu. One of our specials will be a returning fan favourite from 2016, the Winter Mint ice cream. Part mint and part chocolate, this refreshing treat is perfect for sharing with your loved ones this upcoming holiday season.

Here’s a look at how we make this frozen treat, followed by a brief chat with our chef Amy about how she plans to incorporate it in our other desserts.

Hi Amy, let’s jump right in! Can you give us a clue about what types of desserts we can see this minty treat in?

Well without giving too much away, our guests can expect to see this ice cream in a new two-scoop sundae as well as a milkshake. We’re also introducing a new waffle and crêpe with it but it’s still under development so you’ll just have wait and see how the final product turns out 🙂

Left hand scooping out a ball of mint chocolate chip ice cream from metal loaf pan

Mint packs such a strong punch flavour-wise, did you have any difficulty in pairing other flavours with it?

Yes I did. You’ve pretty much encapsulated the problem – it’s so strong that it is actually quite limiting in the number of pairings you can do with it. We want to be seasonally relevant, which meant that although certain fruits pair well with mint, it didn’t really make sense for our winter menu. Basically we needed a flavour that would help mellow out the strong cooling flavour of the mint but also stand on its own, so one of the flavours we decided on is a dark chocolate stracciatella.

Four waffle cones with single scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a metal tray with white napkin

Do you think this ice cream would be more effective at freshening your breath than a piece of (not-so-delicious) gum?

*Laughs* I guess theoretically no, because it’s got milk, but who in their right mind would choose gum over ice cream?

Left hand holding waffle cone with double scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a light blue and grey background

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of our ice cream making process! We will be launching our winter menu on December 1st, so please check back here or follow us on Instagram for all the juicy details 🙂

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