One of the desserts that we’re most excited to serve up this fall is the I Got Baked In Alaska. Our long time guests know how much we love a good pun, and today we’re delving into this name to explain just what Alaska has to do with it!


So what exactly is a Baked Alaska?

Demetres' I Got Baked In Alaska cake with ice cream

Before diving into the history and name of this dessert, let’s just set the record straight for those of us who may not be familiar with it. A Baked Alaska is made by scooping ice cream on top of a piece of cake, which is then smothered with a layer of toasted meringue. Traditionally made in an oven to achieve that toasty effect, the meringue acts as a barrier between the ice cream and the hot oven.


It all started in 1867…

World map

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So why Baked Alaska, instead of say, Colorado or Tennessee? This all has to do with a little land deal that happened back in 1867, when the U.S. bought a piece of land from Russia that eventually became their 49th state in 1959. As part of a witty jab at the unpopular (at the time) land deal, an expat Parisian pastry chef in New York by the name of Charles Ranhofer created this dessert for Delmonico’s, which he called “Alaska, Florida”. This name references the temperature difference of the ice cream vs. the toasty meringue. The final name of Baked Alaska was coined later in the 1880s by English journalist George Sala who visited Delmonico’s.


Our take on this notable dessert

When this idea first started percolating here at Demetres HQ, we knew that we wanted to stay true to the original concept of this historic dessert. With that in mind, our Baked Alaska starts with a blonde caramel cake, which is then topped with a generous scoop of our fall feature Cookie Butter ice cream.

Demetres' Baked Alaska process


Next our Dessert Crafters coat the whole shebang in meringue, which is then treated to the business end of a blowtorch.

Demetres' Baked Alaska process

Finally this dish is finished with a drizzle of butter caramel sauce, speculaas cookie crumble, and fresh slices of strawberry.


Demetres' Baked Alaska cut open

We can’t stress enough how much we love the temperature contrast in this dessert. Give it a try and let us know what you think on Instagram (@demetres) or Facebook! And make sure to check back for recipes, DIYs, and more behind-the-scenes goodness. 😊

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