Not so long ago, we announced that we were building a new restaurant in Downtown Markham. In that announcement, we showcased a few photographs of the construction where things were still beginning to take shape. Well today marks the end of that construction phase, and we’re opening our doors to anyone and everyone who is in search of some tasty ice cream. 🍨

Demetres Markham

One of the key elements of this new restaurant is a floral feature wall on the far end, showcasing a variety of flowers in bloom. It’s bright and vivacious and larger than life, and today we’ll show you (briefly) how it came to be.


It all started with a little arrangement…Flowers being arranged for Demetres Markham feature wall

Given a brief concept of what the feature wall should look like, dynamic duo Natasha & Wei headed to a few flower shops to gather the necessary supplies: aka lots and lots of flowers. After putting together and photographing several arrangements, it was put to a vote here at Demetres HQ… and the winner was decided!


Then it was off to the printers!Markham floral wall file being prepped at Rollout

Once we prepared the photo on our end, it was handed over to Rollout, an agency specializing in large format wallpaper. Our floral arrangement was further edited by the Rollout team and prepared for printing.


Sample print of Demetres Markham floral wall at Rollout

We spoke with Jon of Rollout about the difficulties in printing large format wallpaper, especially in a case like ours (vs say printing a vector pattern that is easily scaled up and down). He explained that his team approaches each project by understanding the spatial needs and client needs, which then informs how they process and print the final product. In our case, it was about creating varying points of interest across the image for our eyes to focus on, instead of having everything in sharp focus. This prevents the image from looking ‘flat’.


Time to put it all together.Floral Mural being installed at Demetres Markham

Once the image was printed by Rollout, it was time to get it up on our walls.


Floral Mural being installed at Demetres Markham

This was a fascinating process to watch, and caused a minor amount of vertigo in those of us who were slightly acrophobic.


Floral Mural being installed at Markham

We like big buds and we cannot lie 🎵


Job done!Demetres Markham Floral mural

And there you have it, a condensed version of the process we went through to bring this giant floral mural to life. Go have a gander for yourself at our new Markham restaurant, and let us know if these blooms also tickle your fancy 🙂


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