Thinking about dessert dominates our team’s psyche 24/7, from new flavour development to plating and cutlery, it’s a constant churn of brainstorming and running trials. However, we would be remiss not to recognize one of the most important elements of serving up these treats: bringing people together for good laughs and joyful company. So in the spirit of community, we recently held a little dessert brunch at our Downtown Markham restaurant for a lovely group of local foodies. Keep reading to see what went down, and see how you can sign up for a future shindig with a 99% chance of ice cream. 😉


Starting the day with some #highkey prep workDemetres' Influencer Event Preparations

We wanted to serve a special treat so we teamed up with Félix and Norton to create two event-exclusive ice cream sandwiches. One featured our Strawberry Royale ice cream sandwiched between two delicious rounds of Félix & Norton’s Lemon Delight, nestled on a bed of lemon cookie crumbles and white chocolate sauce, finished with a sprinkling of freeze dried strawberries and sorrel. 🌿


Demetres' Ice Cream Sandwiches featuring Felix & Norton Cookies

The second sandwich showcased our Roché ice cream in between Félix & Norton’s Dark Chocolate cookies, plated with espresso hazelnut crumble, praline croquant, Chantilly cream and cherries.


Félix & Norton also had a large stash of their cookies on hand, for some cookie tower building shenanigans. 💪


Our guests have arrived!

Demetres Markham full of local foodies

It was a beautiful day – perfect for some serious food photography. 📷 Scroll down to see some of the shots that were taken!





Last but not least, some swag for those sugar withdrawals on the way home 😁

Demetres' Influencer Event Gift Bags

Thank you to everyone who joined us for brunch!


If you would like the chance to join us for our next foodie event, slide us a DM on Instagram with your email address – it’s that easy! Make sure to keep your account public – we need to 👀 you to invite you 🙃

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