New year, new you, right? It’s been almost a month in 2017, and if you haven’t set yourself some goals for the year, we have some ideas that will help you stay well-rounded and ready to conquer.

*Any products mentioned in this post were not advertised/endorsed. They’re solely based on our personal opinion of them.

1. Invest in a Planner

Having an Agenda was such a habit growing up throughout school, and whether you knew it or not, it really did help to have a tool to help you organize your calendar, plan to-do lists and have a schedule physically in front of you. Find a yearly planner that suits your style, whether it has a monthly calendar spread, daily to-do list spaces, etc. Our personal pick was this Kate Spade one from Indigo (plus, getting an aesthetically pleasing one will make you more inclined to write in it.). They have a ton of other options, including the productivity planner, Moleskine, etc.

2. Try Marie-Kondo-ing your life

Marie Kondo-ing is also known as the “Kon-Marie method.” Marie Kondo is actually a person – she’s a cleaning consultant that came up with the Japanese Art of decluttering and organizing your space. Her book, “the life changing magic of tidying up,” says this method will help to change your life permanently, in terms of the way you look at buying, materialism and need vs. want. The key to it all is determining which items in your life “spark joy.” In our opinion, it’s worth the read.

3. Cultivate Gratitude

They say, “It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.” The idea of gratitude can sometimes be a complicated concept to understand in a world of consumerism and technology. But it’s amazing at how when you start trying it out, how naturally it comes. If you’re not sure where to begin, this five-minute journal is a great start! Each morning when you wake up, you fill out half a page of pre-prompted questions. Then, you repeat the same thing in the evening before you go to bed. The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes! It’s amazing at how a seemingly small input will cultivate such a great output.

4. Explore Minimalism

this documentary is a must watch. Although we can’t all become instant minimalists, it sure made us more aware of how much we consume and waste. A reality check anyone could use.

5. Get yourself some regular Zzzz’s

Sleep is always preached as one of the best things you can do for your body and well-being. But sometimes, it just feels like there’s never enough time. Wrong. You need to make the time. We’re sure you’ve heard this over and over again, but something we think helps is an app called “Sleep Cycle.” It tracks your sleep throughout the night and gives you a detailed graph in the morning of your different phases of sleep. Each night before you go to bed, you can make sleep notes (i.e. did you drink coffee, exercise, are you sick? etc.) and use those notes to eventually track patterns and trends in your sleep, figuring out what affects your sleep quality. The other great part? When you set your alarm in the app, you set it for a 30 minute time range and the alarm will go off when you’re in the lightest phase of sleeping, helping to make sure you don’t feel as tired. Pretty cool!

6. Personalize your Workspace

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Pinterest-esque workspaces are to die-for. And without a doubt, a workspace you feel happy and comfortable in, is a workspace you will thrive in. Add elements to your workspace that will help you stay organized, but also feel productive. This could include plants, candles, etc. Our personal favourite that we’ve done to our head office is a giant cork board/blackboard wall. We use the calendar to help us plan every month, and the cork board for inspiration photos, notes, etc. We’re obsessed with it.

7. Plan your Year


Okay it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. When we say planning a whole year, what we mean is goal setting (not just making resolutions). We found an awesome online resource called the “Year Compass.” It’s a printable booklet and it not only helps plan your year, but also helps you reflect on the past year. By reflecting on 2016, it in turn helps you more clearly set goals for 2017. Take the time to read it through and fill it out. Definitely worth your while.

Do you have any tips for staying organized that we may have missed? Tweet us, @caffedemetre, we’d love to hear your ideas!

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