Winter is here and though the temperature has been flip flopping all over the place, we have to admit that Toronto has been pretty lucky to have little snow. But a part of us misses the magic of the white, fluffy flakes that make the trees look so perfectly picturesque. Plus, we can’t forget about tobogganing, skiing, and all the other great activities that emerge when the snow falls. So, because we’ve been missing the snow ( just a bit)  we decided, why not bring the snow to us? Presenting our 3D DIY snowflakes (yup, say goodbye to the basic 2D ones you’ve made before in school) to help you create your own indoor winter wonderland.

The best part is that all you really need is a standard 8 1/2 ” x 11″ sheet of paper, and other office supplies you can find around your house.


White Paper ( 8 1/2″ x 11″)
Tape (Double sided works best)

Step 1

Cut your white sheet of paper in half lengthwise

Step 2

Create an even accordion fold on each of the two cut sheets of paper. Be sure to cut off any excess.

Step 3

Staple your folded sheets directly in the centre to hold the accordion together.

Step 4

Trace your snowflake design onto each of the stapled accordion sheets. Let your creativity run wild! (Remember, no two snowflakes are actually the same!)

Step 5

Carefully cut out your design using a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 6

Pull apart the sheet and attach the ends to one another using double-sided tape (or making tape loops from regular tape) to reveal the 3D snowflake design.

Voilà! Get some string to hang them around and you’ve got your own indoor winter paradise (minus the chillier temperature) Win-win!

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